Datsyuk Signs for 3 More Years

The question of whether or not Pavel Datsyuk would head to Russia after playing the final year of his contract has been answered by

Signings, Rumors and Griffins Updates

A lot has happened since the last time I posted something. I know I said that we’d keep you up to speed, then pretty much disappeared. Oops. Won’t happen again. Until it does. Updates after the jump: If you haven’t been paying attention, the Griffins have a 3-2 series lead on the Syracuse Crunch. That’s […]

NOHS Mailbag 06.12.2013

Here’s a bit from our NOHS mailbag, in which we get sacks and sacks of letters. This one comes to us from a reader in our Desert Contingent here in Arizona, and it regards the issue of our self-proclaimed rivals in the Phoenix Coyotes and, at a larger issue, Detroit’s move to the ranks of […]

Players We Need to Keep and Let Go

Now that the offseason is here, let’s take a look at whose contract is up and who needs to be bought out. This will be an interesting summer, to say the least. We’ve got a superstar to keep, the cap is going down, a bunch of UFAs, RFAs and some possible buyouts. The UFA market […]

Griffs Aim for Calder Finals

The kids are all right. This was the first time since I can remember…there was not ONE mention of the Red Wings' age being a hindrance to their play-off performance.  I take that back…they were actually talking about the YOUTH of the organ-i-zation…when was the last time THAT happened? There's a lot of reasons to […]

Mule is Staying Put

Obviously – this isn't the kind of thing I'd like to be writing about here in the early parts of June.  But at least the Red Wings gave us great hockey almost all the way through May. …Yeah I know it wasn't ALWAYS great hockey.  But at least we have a team that you can […]

Red Wings Game 7 Recap

It wasn't the ending we deserved, but it was the one we needed right now. Losing is the greatest teacher in hockey. If you think this hurts for you, I promise you Brendan Smith and Gustav Nyquist are dying inside. They, along with the rest of the kids on this team, will come back in […]

How to Score on Crawford

Simple.  Shoot high and it's a goal.  Especially glove hand.  If you haven't, check out Josh Howard's post below.   LGRW. 

Time for Some Hate

There was an e-mail thread going back and forth while I was on the road today (25,000+ miles driven since mid January) between the NOHS team and myself.  Josh was talking about how the Wings had been written off even before the play-offs…then again in round 1 and then twice here in round 2.  Twig […]

Not Looking Good, But…

I’m going to watch game 7, but I don’t want to. Honestly, I despise playoff hockey. I didn't used to, but I have enough stress in my life these days. I love the regular season. Lose a game and two nights later you’re playing some cupcake that’s on the end of a long road trip […]

Recap: Game 7 Awaits

This game started out with an ugly, very fast, Chicago powerplay goal. Really terrible PK letting them score 9 seconds into the PP. Hossa, of all people, fending off Z. The penalty kill would redeem themselves and help us swing the momentum, later on, however. Patrick Eaves put away a rebound on a Miller shot […]

Red Wings Playoff Recap 5.25.2013

Chicago took advantage of all their calls and non-calls tonight and beat the Wings pretty easily. Not a good effort by Detroit at all. It really reminded me of the 1997 series against Colorado where Detroit had gone up 3-1, then got spanked in game 5. Will they rebound at home in game 6? We’ll […]

Play The Kid Line – They’ve Earned It

Outside of the rise of our defense, easily the best part of the playoffs has been the consistancy of our each of our lines, especially our third "kid" line.  Nyquist has been absolutely Datsyukian.  Brunner is tied with the team lead in goals.  Andersson looks like a freaking veteran out there and is solid as […]

Blue Falcons vs Red Wings Recap: 5.23.2013

Oh my gosh. I mean, wow. It’s like, DUDE! Are you kidding me!? I just can’t… wow. Just, wow. More after the jump: Wow. Did you see Al Sobotka before the game started? Duncan Queef stands right next to him so he can’t twirl the octopi. Al says something to him, then starts swinging it […]

Another Perspective

If you are like me, then the only Chicago Blackhawks fans you will engage in conversation with are the intelligent, respectful types. Especially on twitter, which sort of corners the market on rude little trolls. @Hockeenight and @AndrewCieslak are two such Hawks fans. Not everyone from opposing fanbases (and their blogs) needs to be angry, […]