Two Paths

Tonight is a big night.  Remember what I said last game about it not being any different than any other day?  I lied.

We've layed the foundation for something truly amazing.  The boys have played hard and actually do, in fact, have something to show for it.  But, don't let that allow you to think for a second that this is going to be easy… It isn't. 

You see, this team is standing at a fork in the road.  There are two paths.  One leads to hard work and a Conference Finals appearance.  The other leads to even harder work against this same team until someone gets to 4.  The Wings have 3 tries to get to 4.  Personally, I want them to dispatch these jerks tonight.  The question is… which road will they take?  Will enough be enough? 

To answer that question, just look at their captain and how he's responded… yeah… we're in their heads. 

Choose the work and let's go see some Finals! 

Btw… Ericsson… from last pick to 1 pairing.  Check out Bickel after being hit by BIG RIG.

Enjoy the game… no matter what.