Game Day Movie Poster from the Litter Box: A Duo

Every 4 years we go through the same thing, over and over again.  We wait for our players to get picked for the Olympics and then we wonder if they are really skating to GET to the Olympics… or in PREP for the Olympics.  Well, this year saw one of our young guns chosen to take Franzen's place on the Wings… I mean Team Sweden.

To me, it's clear the Wings players are focused on getting Wins.  And THANK GOD for that.   Not so new guy that is a new guy but not really a new guy, Gustav Nyquist, was chosen to go over and do his thing.  Mostly, having a ton to do with what he's accomplished lately.  Nyquist has been absolutely on fire.  

You know what?… It's time for me to bury this:

And can now bust out this:

You know… since it's close to Valentine's Day and whatnot.

It's clear that Nyquist is here to stay.  Paired with Zetterberg, there's nothing they can't do!  In celebration, I give you them together in all their BLADES OF GLORY.

LGRW … let's kick some sand in the Panther's faces tonight.