Selling Us Tickets to Non-Existent Games

I, like many of you, am Michigan transplant.  Today I find myself in Columbus,OH, which I like to describe as a great city in a terrible state.  It's not Michigan, but it's not bad.  And at least it has hockey, even if it is the Blue Jackets. 

So with the lockout, one of the few things to do in town is now out of the picture.  But someone forgot to tell the Jackets, as I received a phone call today from their ticket sales office trying to get my to buy tickets. 

You got to be f'ing kidding me. 

Now, the guy was very nice, as I was back to him.  He's just doing his job and the Jackets need money.  I get that.  

But what a kick to the balls.  Trying to sell me a product that not only sucks, but they won't even provide.  Talk about the owners not really getting it.  For whatever reason, this pissed me off more than anything else so far.  Just proof that the owners think that the fans are going to come back, not matter how many times they kick us when we're down.  

Hit the jump for more on the NHL trying to use us to win the PR battle:

Hell, they're even using a GOP strategist to lie to us to make themselves sound better.  From a great Deadspin article:

You're going to hear a lot about "shared sacrifice" from the NHL in the days and weeks to come. That's the word from inside a secret emergency PR focus group, in which a top Republican Party strategist tested pro-ownership messages on a captive audience of hockey fans. 

Shared sacrifice my ass.  The NHL needs to realize that the only sacrifice that I care about is their sacrifice of my hockey dollars.  As in you aren't getting any.  

Seriously, check out the article for mountains of BS that the NHL is ready to serve us.  

A mountain of BS, just like the Jackets trying to offer my tickets to games that they won't put on.  I don't know if Detroit is doing this.  I sure as hell hope not.  

Let us know if anyone else has gotten a call from a team.  I want to hear what teams have the balls to do this.