Lockout Therapy Update 10/24

Just wanted to give a quick update on the games that we've missed. For some reason I have not been able to post until now. Not good.

Also not good? The Wings fake-lost to Western Indiana and to Vancouver. They did stomp the BJ's, though, so we're currently standing at a fake 4-2-0.

Hit the jump to get caught up on the standings:

The Central Division looks like this:

CHI 4-1-0

DET 4-2-0

NSH 4-3-0

STL 3-1-1

CBJ 1-4-0

Not bad, I suppose.

Franzen leads in goals with 3. Hank leads the team with 7 fake points.

Hopefully I have my connectivity to Bloguin issues resolved so there won't be anymore delays. Next game is Friday night against the Sharks.