Hockeytown Strikes Back

Found on Tumbler, honestly not sure who took the pic. 


Today is a special day.  If you haven't heard, it's May 4th.  Why is this date important? Hit the jump to find out!


Star Wars.  This is the day that we get all sappy and tell our friends "MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU!".  Not only do I say that, but I say May the Fourth be with the Wings.  Everyone talks about how great the last "episode" is…. I say "screw em"… the best one is Empire Strikes Back.  So, for tonight, let's be the Empire.  Why?  I can give you twenty two reasons… that's why.

It is special because tonight is the night the series changes.  Tonight, Hockeytown strikes back and crushes the Anaheim rebellion.  Bobby Ryan, Teemu Selanne, and Getzlaf aren't going to know what's hit em.  Jimmy knows how to deal with rebel scum.  This time we will succeed, they will be dealt with, and everyone else will know how dangerous that team in Hockeytown is.