Game 3: Build Momentum

Series is tied 1-1 and Detroit showed everyone that they have the ability to dominate the Ducks, as long as they don't let up. Hopefully a lesson learned and we won't see that again.

Hiller looked human, and that works to our advantage. He's a great goalie, but doesn't handle pressure very well. Jimmy does, and I fully expect him to show us why he's worth his 6-year extension.

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Whatever pregame/gameday rituals you performed on Thursday keep it up. I dozed off for a few minutes last game and the score went from 4-1 to 4-4. Luckily I woke up with a minute left and provided us all the overtime winner (I did that, your welcome).

DeKeyser is out. I never thought I would worry so much about missing a player with a total of 13 NHL games under his belt, but this kid is good. He may not have the offense that Lidstrom or Rafalski provided, but he's the first guy we've had that dramatically improved our blueline.

Lashoff will be in for his first ever playoff game, and I believe this is the right move. Coca-Cola and White have the experience, but Lash has the size, not to mention he is great on the PK, and blocks a ton of shots. If Anaheim's PP can be shut down, this game should go just fine.

Looks like Bert is out. I don't agree with this move, but I'm not the coach. What should piss you off more, is the fact that Tootoo won't be back in, Sammy will make his debut. I'm sure he will be injured, so lets hope if it does happen its in warm ups.

The Wings neutralized Anaheim's checking line in game 2, and kept the big guns at check for a majority of the game. The Joe will be insane tonight and you can bet a few Octopi will be tossed to get this game started off right. It will be nice to hear a crowd ooh and ahh for legit reasons. 

Going up 2-1 tonight would be HUGE. We need strong play from all 4 lines, and solid D for 60 minutes to keep the momentum on our side.

Oh yeah… Katy Perry (Sorry Char, it was good juju for the last game. No disrespect)