A Night To Remember


…At least for one man.  That man is Danny Dekeyser.  We'll call him DK for short.  He debuts tonight against the Avs during a temultuous time in Detroit.  Babcock has taken half his D and flipped them.  Not please with last night's result, he's made changes to see if we can get something going. Hit the jump to read my 3 keys to the game.

Tonight should be simple.  We're playing against the last team in the West.  We're sitting in 7th.  We just need to work hard and make the right decisions.  Sound simple right?



2. Focus on defense.  Let them make mistakes and pounce.  This doesn't mean let them control play… just keep digging and don't get discouraged!

3. Don't give up.  Keep skating. Did I mention skate? Oh yeah… and keep the puck out of your net.


It's more than 3… so what.. sue me. 

Skate hard, score fast, and keep them out of your own net.  Pretty self explanitory.  Anywho, enjoy the game and let's cheer Danny on!  Welcome to Detroit!