Red Wings on Facebook: The Losing Streak

To say that the last six games have been a bummer would be quite the understatement. I've not bothered to recap them because they're all the same: get a lead, blow a lead, lose in OT/SO. Red Wings fans are not taking this very well, but it turns out management isn't taking it too well, […]

Red Wings Recap 11.12.13

Wings fall in a shootout to the Jets, 3-2. They played well for the most part, but can’t win. More after the jump: Howard has to be better. He’s making too much money to have a goal per game that he regrets giving up. Defend him if you want, but he has been better before. […]

Starbucks vs Red Wings 11.7.13

Disgusting way to finish an otherwise really good game as the Wings fall to the Stars 4-3 in OT. More after the jump:  I’ll just get this out of the way now: I don’t fault Howard on the goals he let in, but he’s not a $5 million goalie right now. He just isn’t. Dallas […]

Tootoo on Waivers…

We all knew this was coming. I didn't think he would get waived outright, it's not the most ideal situation, but something we all should keep close tabs on in the next day or two. Click the jump for more. The Wings sit with a little less than $550K in cap space. That's including Tootoo's $1.9M, Almquist's […]

Win In Winnipeg Puns! Derp. Recap

This game was silly from the get-go. Jordin Tootoo was out on the first shift with Helm and Miller and fought some guy. Great work. Take a bow, Jordin. The first several minutes of this game belonged to Winnipeg, who had a 2-on-1 that was broken up on a great play by DeKeyser, but unfortunately […]

Red Wings vs Oilers Recap: 11.2.13

Sorry, late once again. The Red Wings had no trouble beating the Oilers last night and Mrazek picked up his first career shutout in the 5-0 win. More after the jump: The only line that isn’t absolutely buzzing for the Wings right now is the second line. They’re holding their own, don’t get me wrong, […]

Red Wings vs Flames Recap: 11.1.13

Detroit capitalized on their chances tonight and, thanks to a late push, were able to beat the Flames 4-3. I know the Wings were not getting many shots during the first 35 minutes, but I thought they played decent to that point. What was really hurting them early in the second was turnovers. Once they […]

Red Wings vs Canucks Recap: 10.30.13

Detroit played a great game overall and was rewarded with two points. They did a much better job of winning battles along the boards, they retrieved loose pucks, and created turnovers with their hard work. More after the jump: Sorry for the late post, but I’m not conditioned for these late games like I used […]

Senators vs Tire Fire Recap: 10.23.13

The Red Wings got destroyed. This is one of those games where you look at the box score and you might think it was a close game with a few bounces going Ottawa’s way, but no, the 6-1 score was deserved. Full in-depth analysis after the jump: First period: Second period: Third period: Next game […]

BREAKING! – Babcock Actually Says Something Nice About Tatar!

Despite the fact that Detroit was KO'ed in the goal scoring department last night, I thought "The People's Choice", Tomas Tatar, had a great game.  So naturally I figured he'd sit next game, as is the Red Wings way,   So I was stunned, stunned I tell you, to read Babcock's comments about the young kid […]

Sharks Wings Recap 10.21.2013

Detroit welcomes one of the best team in the entire NHL in the San Jose Sharks and that means lots of intensity and energy and action we’re amped to play this one right? Meh.  Detroit came out icing the puck every 2 or 3 minutes. At the midway point of the game they had 7 […]

Sharknado at the Joe!

Will we survive?… Can we score goals?… Is Tara Reid still as disgusting as we all remember? Find out the answers to all these and more TONIGHT. Ouellet gets his first NHL start as Ericsson and Kronwall sit. Buckle up, it's gonna be hilarious. LGRW

Red Wings Recap 10.19.2013

That game was dumb. Phoenix rode a wave of lucky bounces, bad calls and poor sportsmanship to beat Detroit 5-2. Not much to say about this game, really. Detroit played well, but just had some terrible breaks go against them late. Mike Smith got bailed out by the refs in the second period and then, […]

Red Wings vs Avalanche Recap: 10.17.13

4-2 win for the Wings tonight over the amazingly overrated Colorado Avalanche. If not for the Wings taking the second off and Gustavsson letting in two sympathy goals, the game would have been a blowout. Still, handing them their first loss was nice no matter how it happened. More after the jump: I know we […]

Roy-Roy-Waaah. Welcome Back

Tonight's Gameday Movie Feature is one of the best yet. Per our NOHS Art Director: "In a world where roles are reversed, Patrick Roy is a successful NHL coach… Todd Bertuzzi is an unaggressive teddy bear… Will we win this Avs game 7?… or will we be sentenced to a life of slavery being in […]