Guest Post: A Momentum Shifting Play

Chris Note: We are trying to get things going around here.  On that note, we’re looking at a new writer who is going to cover the finer details of the sport, statistical and otherwise.  So welcome a guest post from Wings fan, Ari Zucker. By Ari Zucker The first goal Jimmy Howard gave up in […]

Wings Ink Cleary to 3 Year Extension

Breaking news out of Hockeytown today. Despite what some fans would want, Ken Holland and the rest of the Red Wings’ management has decided to sign Dan Cleary to a 3 year contract extension. As per team policy, the financial details have not been disclosed at this time, though it is expected to carry a […]

To The Rafters: It’s Time

  Today is the day… What's more to say? The greatest? Some will debate against that.  You won't hear me arguing against him. Ever since I went to my first game at JLA (Lidstrom's Hat Trick), I've had a special connection with Lids.  Wish there was something more we could throw on the ice than […]

Game Day Movie Poster from the Litter Box: A Duo

Every 4 years we go through the same thing, over and over again.  We wait for our players to get picked for the Olympics and then we wonder if they are really skating to GET to the Olympics… or in PREP for the Olympics.  Well, this year saw one of our young guns chosen to […]

Hello Chicago…

Oh… hello there.  It's been a while hasn't it? Tonight, the foe is familiar.  The wounds are still raw as two teams meet for the first time since last year's playoffs that ended with one team advancing to eventually win the cup and the other with shattered dreams.  One thing was missing… one PERSON. Darren […]

Red Wings in the Olympics

The Red Wings are sending 10 players to Sochi, which ties them with Chicago and St. Louis for the most in the NHL. Yikes, the Central was badass. Still is, I hear. Anyways, after the jump you’ll find a rundown of who got in. Read More: Sweden: Zetterberg, Alfredsson, Franzen, Ericsson, Kronwall, and Gustavsson. No […]

Sauce’s Gameday Movie Poster: Slovakian Sniper

We know its been radio silence over here at NOHS (powered by Twig in 2013) but we thought we'd break out of our slump with a great gameday movie poster Seriously, this should be on my bedroom wall, (if of course my wife would allow it, which she wouldn't.) But it should be on yours.  […]

Alfie’s Return to Ottawa Recap 12.01.2013

Spoiler Alert: Alfie scored. Totally got the goal that iced the game for us, an empty netter that put us up 4-2 with about a minute left. The nail in the coffin. The dagger in the heart. The Cooke skate-blade on the heal of Erik Karlsson. The arrow through the heart. The bullet through Lincoln’s […]

Red Wings Thanksgiving Recap 11.29.2013

Sorry I missed you all after the Boston game, meant to recap that but you have to understand the pressures of Thanksgiving Family Holidays. My parents and grandparents were here and kept forcing drink down me; partying like a woe begotten Red Wings team had just slammed a second place Boston Bruins team by 5 […]

Red Wings Weekend Recap 11.25.13

The Wings played twice this weekend and came away with two points. I’d say “I’ll take it” but I think they can do so much better. This post will mostly just touch on the important things that happened in both games. More after the jump: Pavel Datyuk’s status is still unknown after taking an unpunished […]

Boom – Nyquist Here To Stay

Wings' Ken Holland said Nyquist will play tomorrow and is here to stay. No other moves needed until DeKeyser comes off LTIR in 4-6 weeks. — Ansar Khan (@AnsarKhanMLive)


We told you so, we told you so, we told you so. We. Told. You. So. Nyquist isn’t the answer to all of our problems, but it’s amazing what a talented forward can do for a team that’s not scoring goals. Gustavsson wasn’t great, but he stopped enough to get the win. More after the […]

Nyquist is Back

Nyquist will play tonight. In an odd turn of events, his status on tonight’s lineup depended on Quincey being able to play. If Quincey had been hurt, Nyquist goes back down and a defenseman and probably Glendening come up. But your dreams have come true, Red Wings fans! Quincey (and Nyquist) can play! More after […]

Predators vs Red Wings Recap: 11.19.2013

Red Wings got shutout by an AHL goalie and barely even made him work. His best save of the night involved him bracing himself and turning away from a shot. Shutout by that guy. I’m not even going to look up his name as he’ll never again do anything worthwhile as long as he lives. […]