Red Wings vs Hurricanes Recap 10.4.2013

Close call tonight, but the Red Wings came out on top of the Hurricanes 3-2 in OT. This game didn’t have a whole lot of good scoring chances by either team and most of the goals came off of broken plays. Nice to be 2-0 right now, though, so we’ll take the goals any way […]

Sabres vs Red Wings 10.2.13

Pretty solid win by the good guys tonight. Not a ton of goals, but they scored enough and that's what matters. The Wings did a lot of things right tonight and got the result they deserved. More after the jump: I know hockey is back because I don't seem to care that my wife wants […]

Season Puck Drop Gameday Movie Poster

Life in the East starts tonight against our longtime rivals (well if you're NBC at least). But I don't care about that.  All I care about is that Detroit Red Wings hockey is back. And what does that mean for NOHS?  It means that we're going to give you what you want, a game day […]

The Wings Are Back and So Are We – With 2013-14 Predictions!

Well look at this, the blog isn’t dead. Nope!  Like the Namesake, NOHS has simply been on LTIR over the summer. Jobs, weddings, houses, and life got in the way for us, plus we were pretty burned out from the season before and the lockout in general. We needed the time off, plus, really, what […]

NOHS Fantasy Hockey League

Want to join a Fantasy Hockey League? Well NOHS may have one just for you. If you are interested let us know in the comments. The league will be simple H2H, set your roster for the week and compete against the NOHS crew.  We can have up to 20 teams, giving us an opportunity to razz each other and you (especially […]

Wings Trio Invited to US Camp

As we wait for more UFA news to trickle in…I thought it would be a good idea to keep you abreast of the US National Team developments. But only because we have three players from the Detroit Red Wings organ-i-zation that have received invites to the camp. 1 Forward 1 Defenseman 1 Goalies I would […]

Datsyuk Being Datsyuk

Puck Daddy seems to be a love/hate relationship with Wings fans.  But we can agree, the best thing about Puck Daddy is the awesome Pavel interviews they get and the one today is no exception.  Here's a few highlights showing our favorite Russian at this best:  Henrik Zetterberg was named team captain this season. How […]

Smiles from The Namesake

So we've hit a bit of a lull in the Free Agent Market news.  So I thought today would be a good day to share a bit of "feel good" news. Let me start by asking a question – what would the Chicago series have looked like if #43 in the Winged Wheel would have […]

Honest Question

Are you happy with today? I was, but then a moment of reflecting upon our acquisitions and non-acquisitions made me see the light. We lost Damien Brunner and Valtteri Filppula to free agency. We gained Stephen Weiss-not-VVeiss and Daniel Alfredsson. So what? If we remove context, and someone says to me, seemingly out of the […]

Seeya Carlo – Colaiacovo Is Gone

Well that didn't last long.  Per the Free Press:  Vincent Lecavalier will not be joining the Detroit Red Wings, neither will David Clarkson nor Nathan Horton. Stephen Weiss, on the other hand, could be wearing a Wings sweater next season. And defenseman Carlo Colaiacovo will be bought out by the team. Poor guy barely gets […]

About that Lecavalier Guy…

Wouldn't it be great to have a guy like Vincent Levacalier on the team? What an upgrade he'd be over Filppula!

Cap Anxiety

NHL Free agency is just days away, so it’s time to prepare yourselves for disappointment. That’s not to say Ken Holland won’t have a good summer or that the Wings won’t be able to fill all of our perceived holes. When I say to prepare yourself for disappointment, I mean someone is going to get […]

Red Wings Draft Updates

The NHL Draft is now behind us and the Red Wings selected 8 players. They took 6 forwards and 2 defensemen. After the jump we’ll take a look at each pick and mention some of the most interesting transactions of the day. The aforementioned jump: The Wings traded their 18th overall pick to the Sharks […]

Buyouts Buyouts Buyouts! Come and Get ‘Em

The draft and free agency are just days away, and with the cap coming down mixed in with teams being able to buyout as many as 2 players starting today things are heating up quick. News broke about an hour ago that the Lightning will buy out former 1st overall pick and captain Vinny Lecavalier. […]

They Closed

I’m late to the party, but wanted to write about the Griffins’ Calder Cup championship win. First of all, I’m glad they were able to finish the job. Syracuse is a great team and being up 3-0 was a bit unexpected as far as I’m concerned. How does that BS line go? ‘If you had […]