Who’s Detroit’s MVP So Far?

In our previous post, DG made a comment that shows just how good the Wings have been up until now: G-damn, look how competitive the Western conference is:11 teams within a win or loss of 8th place in the conference. You know what team isn’t included in that pile?  The Detroit Red Wings.  So I […]

On Losing

So this is the first real losing streak for the team this year.  Being that this is December, that’s a pretty amazing feat.   I think Tyler summed it all up perfectly at The Triple Deke.   Not two weeks ago I remarked about how this team could play poorly and still win by two […]

Filppula Leading the Way

No, not the man-pretty one, his older brother down in Grand Rapids. Ilari Filppula is currently leading the Griffins in points with 19 in 22 games.  He has nine goals with a ridiculous 23% shooting percentage.  Looks like Daddy Filppula always made little brother pass it to big bro for those shots, because even today […]

Modano Keeps It Upbeat – Hopes to Return in March

He’s forty and has to have his mother cut his steak for him, but the future all star should return in March to the Wings. “The opportunity will still be there in March when I come back,’’ Modano said. “That time of year is always exciting and fun, the opportunity to take one more last […]

Don’t Get Down, Y’all

Look, it was a tough loss. But when was the last time you saw Datsyuk, Eff that, any hockey player juggle the puck in the offensive zone to confuse the defence (it worked, by the way)? It was a great start by the Wings, a very aggressive start with great play, great defense and every […]

Recap of Last Night’s Game Through Pictures

That game can’t really be described with words, so of course, the only reasonable thing to do is try to recap it using google images and a fake Q&A session.  Here goes:   So how’d the game start?   Then what happened? How’d the Wings respond?   Oh well, it must have gotten better in the third. […]

Wings v. Sharks – Round Two

So just one day after a fairly successful western road trip, the Wings have to play a rested San Jose team tonight at the Joe.  We recently dispatched the Sharks 5-3 in a classy matchup between the two teams and I wouldn’t be suprised if tonight was a battle.  Still, the Wings have a few […]

Red Wings 2 – Kings I Can’t Rightly Remember

Last live blog of this road trip, as we welcome back Jiri Hudler’s pre-KHL spooning partner, Chris Osgood and NHL All-Time faceoff wins record holder, Kris Draper.  Okay, only one of those two monikers are true, and unfortunately, it’s the…yeah.  There are many Red Wings fans in attendance at this game, many of whom I’ve […]

“Love Means Never Having to Hear I’m Pregnant”

That post title was the first quote on imdb for this show (obviously from John Travolta’s character): I know these usually are aimed to make fun of the opponent, but after a month off – I thought we could bring Ozzie back in style… …with a win. Wings vs Kings tonight.

Red Wings 4 – Ducks Naught

Because of a bum travel schedule, I’m only able to put this post up this morning (today).  It’s the second installment of my LB’s of the Western United States road trip.  Another one tonight.  Here’s what I had to say as the game developed. FIRST PERIOD 1:00 Mark – I don’t even have my laptop […]

Wings Win (Again)

This was supposed to be the pre-game poster…but I got tied up. Turns out, it works even better now: That cigar?  It’s a victory stogie…but none for you, silly Duck – wins are for Wings. Wings 4, Poultry 0.

I Dangle Dangle. Your Move.

These are a year old, but they’re new to me! Simply amazing RBK commercials.  Unlike Sid’s recent video, these clearly are real.  Worth your time, each is short. 7uAjmpC5Mks[/youtube] XutCAOjCMA4&NR[/youtube] SoqJIA9_QAY[/youtube] Here’s Sid’s video, it might be fake, but it is pretty damn cool. C2-ppxpVSxw[/youtube]

Funny Money

The Detroit News published an interesting article using some figures that Forbes provided about NHL franchises. Some of this information may surprise you…some of it may not. Detroit still finds itself among the top five in terms of franchise value: Toronto Maple Leafs New York Rangers Montreal Canadiens Detroit Red Wings Boston Bruins   Little […]

Is It Z’s Turn?

Nicklas Lidstrom played in the NHL All-Star Game in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, and 2008 – he was also selected in 2009 but couldn’t play because he was injured…and thus was suspended by Gary Bettman. Pavel Datsyuk played in the NHL All-Star Game in 2004 and 2008 – he was also […]

Ozzie Returns

From The Red Wings today announced that goaltender Joey MacDonald has been assigned to the Grand Rapids Griffins of the American Hockey League. Well…thanks for riding the bench for us, Joey.  MacDonald appeared in only one game, that 5-1 beatdown at the hands of Atlanta.  But Joey’s demotion means that wiley veteran Chris Osgood […]