Do The Goaltender Shuffle

So we finally have a capable verison of Chris Osgood as our back-up, but Babbles has decided to stick with our boy Howard for the game tomorrow against the Blackhawks and will go to Ozzie this weekend against the Stars.  Howard’s been playing a ton lately, so why wait till the Stars to go with […]

Funny of the Day / Connect With NOHS

From last night’s game (via Puck Daddy): 3QXgx9NhFwM[/youtube] And this is as good of a place as any to post this.  I’ve wasted like 10 minutes of my life watching this.  Not sure what that says about me… Just wanted to remind the readers that you can stay updated of all the news posts […]

Lidstrom Makes History – Gary Refuses to Acknowledge It

So what does it say about the league management when ESPN gets something right regarding hockey and the NHL just misses the boat completely?  (Hat-tip to D.M.N. for noticing this in the comments below.) The greatest defensemen of all time scores a hat trick at age forty, something that’s (probably) never happened in the history […]

Hats off to Our Captain

First career hat trick for the Perfect Human. Zetterberg with a four point night…Cleary with three. Yet another win over the Blues. Let’s go right to St. Louis Game Time, shall we? f*ck you datsyukthats some nice showboating. assby averagejoe on Dec 15, 2010 8:54 PM CST think he heard you calling him overrated?by ahtrap […]

Hey, Jaro…

…we’re coming for you. Babcock is sick of the opposing goalie being the number one star in Joe Louis Arena.  He’s calling for blood, and blood he shall get. “In this last while, the goalie’s been first star in this building, (Lindback) and then Quick.  To me, that’s unacceptable for your team to let the […]

Babs Being Babs

Yesterday, a TV reporter suggested that head coach, Mike Babcock had a “warm, gooey spot” inside him.  When Babcock asked why – the reporter said, ““For letting Ozzie get his 400th (win) in front of the (home) fans”.  Here is Babcock’s response according to Khan(!): “I never thought much about that. I thought about winning, […]

ESPN Rightfully Makes Lidstrom their Top Story

As noted by my only friend who’s nickname is derived from a hockey helmet, ESPN didn’t just have a few articles on THE Perfect Human today (see, I can emphasize “the” on things too, Ohio State), they made him their top story. This sort of hockey coverage from the channel I used to love as a […]

Lidstrom the Great; Happy Played Well?

After being missing longer than Tyler from TTD, lost in all the scuttles of last night’s game was that Jiri “Happy” Hudler actually had a great game.  He was all over the ice all night and, if he keeps this up, is just a step away from breaking out.  Happy finished the night with 5 […]

Crumple it Up, Place in Trash

As D.M.N. stated (via Murphy last season) Last night was “one of those games you crumple up and throw away”. Look on the bright side, the closest team to us in the West is still three points back AND we have a game in hand.  However, the best way to lose your footing in the […]

Are You Kidding Me?

Wings lose 5-0.  Jonathan Quick makes 51 saves. Looks like Quick is the one who was touched by God. Unbelievable.

Messing with the Opposition

Do you know how to mess with an opponent’s head?   Mike Babcock does.  According to Babbles: Drew Doughty has “just been touched by God.” Turns out that the best way to mess with someone isn’t making fun of his game or his mother.  Rather, it involves making the opposing player have to sit and ponder […]

DetNews Confirms My Suspicion

From the Detroit News: Jiri Hudler will be back in the lineup Monday night when the Red Wings host the Los Angeles Kings.  Hudler, expected to strengthen the Wings’ secondary scoring this season, was a healthy scratch Saturday in New Jersey.  With one goal and five assists in 24 games, Hudler hasn’t provided the Wings […]

Euro Twins Have Their Groove Back

In only 28 games played this season, Pavel Datsyuk has already accumulated 36 points.  Henrik Zetterberg is only 7 points off pace with 29.  Both are scoring at >1 point per game rate.  And we’re digging it.  As usual, Khan(!) must have read my Sunday post and wrote his own “back on track” article.  Of […]

Back on Track

“We had good start, we don’t always start like that.  First time in my career we scored on the first shift. Nice to have that.“– Pavel Datsyuk, via Fox Sports. Monty Babcock’s Flying Circus accounted for seven total points last night in the Red Wings 4-1 victory over the New Jersey Devils. The struggling New […]

Saturday’s With Sully – Where on Earth is Jiri Hudler (en Sandy Eggo)

First of all, I just finished watching the game against Montreal.  Couldn’t do so live because I’m in the actual Mines of Moria for work today.  Boo.  Thoughts on the game?  Jimmy Howard.  Holy.  Effing.  Balls.  Jimmy is capable of amazing saves.  Pavel Valerievich is still my favourite player, despite almost missing that 3”x1” slot […]