30 Hours to a ‘G’

Anyone who read about Abel to Yzerman‘s quest to get Guilherme from Red Wing’s Brazil to Hockeytown, you might want to check here. Looks like “Herm” better start thinking about what to pack, because it only took “The 19” just over a day to donate more than $1,000 in an attempt to get some kid from […]

Newbury Down, Ritola Up

From the Detroit News… Kris Newbury has be sent back down to the Grand Rapids Griffins and the Red Wings have re-called Mattias Ritola to the big club. “We’ve lost two in a row, and we liked what we saw from Ritola in training camp this year.  Newbury gave us a good little push there, […]

The Real Reason Swedish Kids Behave

So the Free Press invaded the home of our own St. Nick and snapped some photos of his holiday decor. Most of the pictures showcase Lidstrom’s beautiful home, blonde children, and extravagant holiday decorations like this… But when we take a closer look at the fire place, we come into contact with something truly bizzare […]

Ericsson has Knee Drained

News from Khan(!) about the Big Rig… Apparently, Johnny had fluid drained from his injured knee.  It’s so bad, that he’s going to have it drained again within the next few days barring any setback. “My whole leg from my knee down to my ankle is pretty swollen.  I don’t have that much motion right […]

NOHS Under Construction

Since work is going to be pretty dead this week, I’m probably going to spend some time trying to beef up this site.  So, I’m opening up the floor for any suggestions and ask you to bear with me while some changes are being made around here.  Since this site is for you, the readers, […]

Forget this Weekend

Zero points in 2 games played…so-freaking-what? Don’t listen to whatever you might be hearing from all the bandwagon Chicago fans out there.  Last night proved absolutely nothing.  An “improved” Chicago Blackhawks team beat Detroit?  No.  A Chicago team plus one extra heartless mercenary beat up on a team made up of half of our farm system.  […]

Wings Holiday Hockey Love

I just wanted to throw a quick link up here to something that is pretty impressive happening over at the king of Detroit blogs, A2Y. Herm, owner of, is a huge Red Wings fan, obviously located in hockey-mad Brazil.  He’s a constant participant over at A2Y and on many Wings blogs and has a […]

Tomorrow’s Lineup vs Dallas Stars

Khan(!) finally woke up today and has the lines for tomorrow… Bertuzzi-Datsyuk-HolmstromLeino-Abdelkader-EavesDraper-Helm-MillerMay-Newbury-Maltby Defense is going to be whatever the situation calls for, but will probably start: Lidstrom-MeechJanik-RafalskiLebda-Stuart Howard (starting)Osgood That’s right baby, The Namesake is back.  And thank God, because we are almost fresh out of centers.  To put it in perspective, we thought Abdelkader might […]

Big Weekend Ahead

  There is never a “good time” for an injury to occur, but this latest injury that will have Zetterberg sidelined is just sickening… You knew something was going to happen to one of them, whether it was Zetterberg, Lidstrom, or Datsyuk.  Ericsson is partly to blame for the jinx  This is what he told […]

Zetterberg Separates Shoulder

We obviously didn’t pray hard enough.  This from Craig Custance… The Detroit Red Wings will be without forward Henrik Zetterberg for a minimum of two weeks. An NHL source told Sporting News that the MRI results revealed that the forward suffered a slight shoulder separation. Un.Be.Lievable.

Detroit 3 Tampa Bay 0

So congratulations to James Howard on his first ever goose egg.  That game got a little boring at times didn’t it?  Maybe the secret to winning for Detroit is to only get 22 shots a night? How good do you think Drew Miller felt about scoring that first one?  The depth players keep contributing in […]

Discussing D-Man Doug

From … “I’m not sure what my role will be.  I’ve just got to go out there whenever they use me, try to the best job I can, keep my game simple and help the team.  I played a couple years there in Tampa.  It’s pretty much a new team now from when I […]

Tonight’s Lineup (12/17) vs Tampa Bay

From Khan(!) at mLive… Well…The Namesake is missing another game tonight.  That certainly settles my inner-turmoil about whether to wear my Zetterberg “white A” Winter Classic Jersey or my new red #43. *Sigh…oh well.  Here are the lines/pairings that skated together this morning: Bertuzzi-Datsyuk-HolmstromLeino-Zetterberg-EavesDraper-Abdelkader-MillerMay-Newbury-Maltby Lidstrom-MeechJanik-RafalskiLebda-Stuart Howard (starting)Osgood Now remember that D-pairings almost never stay that way […]

Wings Blog-off Round 3

Round 2 is history and The Nightmare on Helm Street is still alive… We’re getting down to the nitty gritty, people. Get over to NHL Arena and help decide who will be their “official representitive” for the Detroit Red Wings. 5 remain… Abel to Yzerman Nightmare on Helm Street Snipe Snipe, Dangle Dangle The Production […]

Pointless Preview: 12/17 vs Tampa Bay Lightning

Category #1: Your Put Your Nickname on Your Jersey?  Tampa Bay:  Took a page out of the Ottawa “Sens” playbook and came out this…    Detroit:  Once again takes the high road.  And because putting “Greatest Team in All of Professional Sports” wouldn’t really fit on a jersey. Winner: Detroit Category # 2:  We Employed […]