A Christmas Callout – Part 1 – The NHL & Colin Campbell

On behalf of Drew and myself, I apologize for the lack of posts here at the Nightmare for the past few days. A combination of travel for the both of us is the main culprit, but you could also blame a little burn out on the internet, a puppy, and a new phone that I’ve […]

Tonight’s Lineup vs CBJ

Hey gang. Well it’s been a busy holiday season thus far. The people here in Phoenix have been complaining about the cold. It’s been like 60 and sunny every day. Anyway, the Wings won and I followed along the best I could (auto updates on my phone via ESPN). But in a half an hour, […]

Early X-Mas Present

This from the Free Press… “We didn’t win, it’s simple.  Guys tried and I think at this time right now, the Blackhawks are better than us.  They’re a good team and they play hard and we play hard. Right now, they were better than us; they were better two nights in a row. It’s just […]

The Airing of Grievences

From the Free Press…This is all legit Seinfeld-esque “Airing of Grievences” in recognition of Festivus: Chris Osgood on Jimmy Howard and Kirk Maltby “I have a grievance against Jimmy for calling me five times a day. It’s like I have three kids– two daughters, and a really old and immature son. He has his own […]

X-Mas in Arizona

Well, my plane leaves in just a few short hours.  This will be my very first Christmas out of the state of Michigan as I’m flying out to sunny Arizona to be with the girlfriend’s family. And thus, I won’t be able to post much before the game tonight…even more disappointing is the fact that […]

I Asked, Clint Answered

Well, I’m trying to get a feel for what you people do and do not respond to.  It’s been pretty hit or miss thus far… Vote for who wins the CHI/SJ game last night…0 comments Ask if we should boo Hossa or not… 11 comments And yesterday, in my boredom, I decided to try and […]

No Grudge

Well I asked and many of you responded.  Should we boo Hossa tonight when he makes his return to the Joe wearing the jersey of our most hated enemy?  Most say ‘No’.  Well, according to Khan(!), the Red Wings agree with you: “I hope he gets cheered.  Hossa was a big part of our team. […]

Wings Pay Tribute to Fallen Soldier’s Family

There’s still a lot of heart surrounding the Detroit Red Wings.  Despite a disappointing start to the season and an economy that’s as bad as it’s ever been…the Detroit Red Wings continue to be Detroit’s beacon of hope.  Here’s a great story from the Free Press that I think was worth noting… Members of a recreational […]

Hossa: To Boo or Not To Boo?

Anyone who hasn’t heard of The Obstructed View, you need to click that link and check it out.  This week, with the Chief from A2Y, Malik from Snapshots, and Jessie from Bingo Bango (links are in the Wings Blogroll) join Chris from Motown Wings.  They discuss things from goaltending, to the Herm to Hockeytown movement, […]

Sharks @ Hawks Tonight

        Here’s another “Who would you rather see win this game?”… A.  San Jose -keep those bandwagon bums in check B.  Chicago – no one better vote for this or you better have a sound reason for doing so C. Who cares?  As long as it doesn’t go into overtime D.  I’m only […]

Tomorrow’s Lineup vs Chicago Blackhawks

Khan(!) provides us with what should be the lines for tomorrow’s game at the Joe.  Sadly, I will in all liklihood, miss the entire game while flying down to Phoenix…  Bertuzzi-Datsyuk-HolmstromLeino-Abdelkader-MillerDraper-Helm-Eaves Ritola-Filppula*** (Maltby and May working in) Lidstrom-RafalskiLebda-StuartMeech-Janik Howard (starting)Osgood ***Hold your horses, ladies.  Wally won’t be playing tomorrow, but here’s your silver lining: Filppula […]

A Few Interesting Numbers

Here are a few statistical tidbits provided by Detroit News… One = Shorthanded goals allowed by the Red Wings.  They lead all NHL teams in this department. Philadelphia is worst in the NHL with 6 SHA.  Now, I’m guessing many of you thought that our number would be worse than this at the start of […]

Fun With Paint

Like my sis always claims when drawing her stick people, “I’m no artist”.  Nor do I have photoshop capabilities while at work.  But in an ever-present struggle to be doing something during such a dead week at work, I thought it would be fun to play around with some pics of The Namesake and quotes […]

Thank You, San Jose

Thanks to our Seafood friends from San Jose beating Dallas 4-2 last night, Detroit is still currently occupying a play-off spot… The Red Wings have 4 games at or near home before embarking on another grinding West Coast trip.  Tomorrow we play bandwagon favorite Chicago, and then a home and home against the struggling Columbus […]

The ‘D’ Talking ‘O’

The Red Wings need to score more goals.  We’ve been shut out 4 times already this season.  Khan(!), in his infinite wisdom, thought it would be a good to ask two defenseman (combined for three goals) and a goalie about how we might generate some more offense.  Not exactly what I would call the most reliable […]