Will Anthony Mantha Make the Detroit Red Wings Roster?

Anthony Mantha is the most talked about Red Wings prospect in over 10 years. He had a breakout year scoring 81 goals in as many games in the QMJHL and is going to turn pro next year. The only question for the fans: Will he be in the AHL or the NHL. There seems to […]

Sunday Musings: May 18th

A little while back, I wrote an article about Johan Franzen. The discussion that followed it was pretty interesting to me. The narrative on Franzen is pretty polarizing, he is either a) a player who is lazy and unmotivated, or b) a great value for his cap hit. I’m more interested in the second of […]

Why is Luke Glendening Valuable?

Hockey statistics favor offense, this is no surprise really, they are the easiest to quantify. Goals are what drives the game and they are the clearest and easiest events to track. However, how do you measure a player when they don’t score goals? If a player has a low offensive output does that automatically make […]

Gustav Nyquist’s Shooting Percentage

If you read other Red Wing blogs, you will see that one of the most prevalent narratives regarding the Wings is that Gustav Nyquist was an unsustainable flash in the pan and only had good stats because of an unsustainably good shooting percentage. He shot 18% this year. To place that in context, the league […]

Sunday Musings

The Legwand trade has been pretty much torn apart by everyone. The Wings gave up Eaves, what ended up being a 2nd round pick, and Calle Jarnkrok the team’s top center prospect. After the trade, Holland had said publicly that they didn’t feel Jarnkrok was going to be anything more than a bottom 6 center. […]

I’ll Admit It, I Was Wrong

I’m stupid. You’re smart. I was wrong. You were right. You’re the best. I’m the worst. You’re very good-looking. I’m not attractive. –Happy Gilmore/Twig Last year I wrote that it was time to fire Mike Babcock. The Wings had a good team, but I felt that they were underachieving. Nyquist getting few minutes while Bertuzzi […]

Johan Franzen: Do We Have a Problem

Johan Franzen was a force in the 2008-2010 playoffs, putting up 59 points n 57 games. For three years, he was a guy you could count on to come up and produce big points when the games really mattered. Since that 2010 playoffs, he has 10 points in 31 games. This is just simply not […]

Vote Nyquist for Play of the Year

Because if you don’t, Patrick Kane wins, and that means we all lose. TSN is having a showdown bracket for its play of the year and today our newest Swede, Gustav is up with his amazing play against Tampa where he survived a mugging and kept on chugging. As TSN put it: The young Swede […]

Guest Post: A Momentum Shifting Play

Chris Note: We are trying to get things going around here.  On that note, we’re looking at a new writer who is going to cover the finer details of the sport, statistical and otherwise.  So welcome a guest post from Wings fan, Ari Zucker. By Ari Zucker The first goal Jimmy Howard gave up in […]

Wings Ink Cleary to 3 Year Extension

Breaking news out of Hockeytown today. Despite what some fans would want, Ken Holland and the rest of the Red Wings’ management has decided to sign Dan Cleary to a 3 year contract extension. As per team policy, the financial details have not been disclosed at this time, though it is expected to carry a […]

Red Wings in the Olympics

The Red Wings are sending 10 players to Sochi, which ties them with Chicago and St. Louis for the most in the NHL. Yikes, the Central was badass. Still is, I hear. Anyways, after the jump you’ll find a rundown of who got in. Read More: Sweden: Zetterberg, Alfredsson, Franzen, Ericsson, Kronwall, and Gustavsson. No […]