Senators vs Tire Fire Recap: 10.23.13

The Red Wings got destroyed. This is one of those games where you look at the box score and you might think it was a close game with a few bounces going Ottawa’s way, but no, the 6-1 score was deserved. Full in-depth analysis after the jump: First period: Second period: Third period: Next game […]

BREAKING! – Babcock Actually Says Something Nice About Tatar!

Despite the fact that Detroit was KO'ed in the goal scoring department last night, I thought "The People's Choice", Tomas Tatar, had a great game.  So naturally I figured he'd sit next game, as is the Red Wings way,   So I was stunned, stunned I tell you, to read Babcock's comments about the young kid […]

Sharks Wings Recap 10.21.2013

Detroit welcomes one of the best team in the entire NHL in the San Jose Sharks and that means lots of intensity and energy and action we’re amped to play this one right? Meh.  Detroit came out icing the puck every 2 or 3 minutes. At the midway point of the game they had 7 […]

Sharknado at the Joe!

Will we survive?… Can we score goals?… Is Tara Reid still as disgusting as we all remember? Find out the answers to all these and more TONIGHT. Ouellet gets his first NHL start as Ericsson and Kronwall sit. Buckle up, it's gonna be hilarious. LGRW

Red Wings Recap 10.19.2013

That game was dumb. Phoenix rode a wave of lucky bounces, bad calls and poor sportsmanship to beat Detroit 5-2. Not much to say about this game, really. Detroit played well, but just had some terrible breaks go against them late. Mike Smith got bailed out by the refs in the second period and then, […]

Red Wings vs Avalanche Recap: 10.17.13

4-2 win for the Wings tonight over the amazingly overrated Colorado Avalanche. If not for the Wings taking the second off and Gustavsson letting in two sympathy goals, the game would have been a blowout. Still, handing them their first loss was nice no matter how it happened. More after the jump: I know we […]

Roy-Roy-Waaah. Welcome Back

Tonight's Gameday Movie Feature is one of the best yet. Per our NOHS Art Director: "In a world where roles are reversed, Patrick Roy is a successful NHL coach… Todd Bertuzzi is an unaggressive teddy bear… Will we win this Avs game 7?… or will we be sentenced to a life of slavery being in […]

Blue Jackets vs Red Wings Recap: 10.15.13

Wings certainly looked like they were on the tail-end of 3 in 4, but pulled off a 2-1 win over the Blue Jackets thanks mostly to the solid goaltending of… Jonas Gustavsson. He was awesome tonight, though I never really felt comfortable with him in net. Unconventional and gave up lots of rebounds, but they […]

Red Wings vs Bruins Recap: 10.14.13

Was it a good game? I didn't get to see it, but based on the reaction from Twitter, it was entertaining. So, since I missed the game, I'll leave it up to you to comment and tell everyone else how it went. One thing I did notice was that Detroit didn't have a single power […]

Dear NHL Network, We Need To Talk…

Dear NHL Network. I like you.  When I had Time Warner and they threw it in to the package for free, it was great.  I enjoyed eating breakfast basking in the glow of last night's highlights with hosted by former back-up goalies. Plus, if I didn't have GameCenter, those extra games would have sure been […]

Flyers vs Red Wings Recap: 10.12.13

Detroit got a 5-2 win tonight, thanks in large part to the power play suddenly clicking. It was just a matter of time before those chances turned to goals. Howard was solid when needed and the PK was sound when called upon. Glendening made his NHL debut and played well. He was really good on […]

Awesome Wings Fan GIF

Sorta how I feel about the whole game too.  Credit Deadspin and Pensblog. 

Hey Babcock – Need Goals? Here You Go…

Right now, it's clear things aren't click yet for Detroit.  Weiss was -4 last night, Alfie was -3.  What can be done?  Khan(!) gives Babbles some obvious suggestions.  Options for Babcock include inserting one or both of his healthy spare forwards, Tomas Tatar and Jordin Tootoo. Now we all know Tootoo isn't going to do […]

Coyotes vs Red Wings Recap: 10.10.13

Wings faced an angry Coyotes team tonight and fell 4-2. Faceoffs. That’s really what it came down to. Detroit couldn’t setup because they didn’t start with the puck enough and Phoenix was able to carry the play because they kept winning faceoffs. More after the jump:  A lot of people are down on the powerplay […]

Detroit Welcomes Troubled Youngsters from Phoenix

Tonight the Detroit Red Wings, in all their glory and splendor, host the dogs from the desert that boast one of the biggest stories of the offseason. For us, it has been quite the exhausting journey. Much like the neighbor kid who grows into a huge, belligerent drunk a-hole, then moves back into his mother’s […]