The Real Pavel

I decided that I wanted to write an article about Pavel Datsyuk, he’s one of those players that you just want to know more about. He was drafted in the 6th round (171st) of the 1998 Draft. Sure teams find steals in the late rounds, Andrei Markov was picked 162nd, Michael Ryder 216th in the […]

Blues vs Red Wings Recap 12.27.2011

What a great comeback win for Detroit. It didn’t look promising after the second goal against, but the Wings stuck with it. Recap after the jump: I’ve always assumed that Hank will be the captain when a new one is needed in 2067, but I could be wrong. Pavel woke everyone up after Howard kept […]

Red Wings vs Predators Recap: December 26

 Slow start, but strong finish. Can’t make a habit of that, but we’ll take the 2 points. Full recap after the jump:   Ericsson and Commie did a fine job as the third pairing. Maybe Ericsson just plays better next to a veteran? Nope. Rafalski played with him for a year and it was sadness. Just […]

Detroit vs Nashville: To Catch A Predator

Lets hope that Detroit got their winning ways back from Santa over the short holiday break. The Wings dropped the last two games of their west coast road trip after barely beating the lowly Oilers when they decided to play actual hockey in the third period. Puck drop at 8 pm on FSD Click the […]

Gameday Movie Poster: Catching Fire

Catching fire is just what the Wings need to do, and the Flames could be a stepping stone to just that. Josh Howard once again brings us a masterpiece. Click the jump for the poster With 6 of the next 10 games against division opponents, and 3 of those being against the Hawks, the Wings […]

Detroit vs Calgary: Flame Off!

Detroit lost last night, oh well it happens. The team played weak as a whole and came up short. Lets move on to the Flames. This should be an easy win for the Wings, and a good Christmas present to the fans. Click the jump for more The Flames may have beat the Wild in […]

Red Wings vs Canucks Recap

Red Wings start slow and it costs them. I’ll touch on the stuff that ticked us all off, but we can’t deny that we could have won with a better first period. More after the jump: White got caught on the second goal and Kronwall got caught on the first goal plus many more times […]

Gameday Movie Poster: Luongo

Today’s Gameday Movie Poster brought to you by the guru Josh Howard is… well, ill let you bask in its glory for the amazing, yet disturbing artwork that it is. Click the jump for the poster Josh has once again outdone himself. I’d say paint it on the bathroom walls at Rogers Arena, but it […]

Detroit vs Vancouver: Too Close for Comfort

Detroit takes on Vancouver tonight at 9:30 pm on FSD. The Canucks and Wings are very evenly matched, they both went through a rough spell at the start of the season and turned it around to become two of the leagues dominant teams. Click the jump for the goods The Wings and Canucks met one […]

Ian White is an upgrade over Brian Rafalski: Revisited

A while back I stated my overall love for the deal that brought Ian White to the Wings this off season. It’s quite possibly the best move of the summer and Kenny pulled it off while other teams were spending boatloads of cash on unproven players that they most likely will regret. Click the jump […]

Red Wings vs Oilers Recap

Good road win, for sure. It wasn’t pretty, but 2 points are 2 points. Full recap after the jump: Just to get it out of the way, the second goal was offsides. Looked close live, but replay showed it was quite offsides. Thankfully it didn’t cost the Wings anything other than a slight chink in […]

Gameday Movie Poster: Canadian Bacon

  “Aboot! It’s ABOUT! And what’s with this ‘eh’ business? We have ways of making you pronounce the letter O, pal.” The Oilers will be saying the letter O plenty tonight, as in Oh my! When they see Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Franzen, and Filppula crossing the blue line. Click the jump for another amazing poster brought […]

Red Wings Prospect Update 12-19-11

Time for another quick look into how some of the Red Wings’ top prospects are doing. This will be a feature that I’ll try to do monthly-ish. So how are they doing? Survey says: Skaters are doing well, but the goalies are still struggling. Here’s a link to the last update if you’d like to […]

Detroit vs Edmonton: Burning the Midnight Oilers

Detroit takes on the Edmonton Oilers tonight with a 9:30 pm puck drop on FSD. The Wings just destroyed the Manchester Monarchs Los Angeles Kings Saturday night, and should have no problem dispatching the Oilers in the same fashion. Click the jump for more… The first time Detroit met Edmonton this season Jimmy Howard shut […]

Happy Hudlers Excellent Adventure 4

Christmas came early this year, new evidence is here! And Hudler sure was busy. Click the jump for this week’s installment of Happy Hudlers Excellent Adventure.   Used his spare time in Vancouver to help clean up the riff-raff…    Took in a round of Disc golf…    Perfected his mixing skills as DJ Happy […]