Gameday Movie Poster & Open Post: Dirty Bert

Today, I give you a fantastic action movie.  It’s a rough and gritty movie about one of the toughest Wings we have, Dirty Bert.  He packs a punch when he plays.  Poke that bear and you’re in for a fight.  Leave him alone and he’ll pot a couple goals on you.  Never, ever, under any […]

Lookout NHL, Detroit may have another draft steal

The Wings are not exactly known for drafting well when it comes to goalie’s with the obvious exception being Jimmy Howard, so when Detroit drafted Petr Mrazek 141st overall in the 5th round of the 2010 NHL entry draft it went largely unnoticed. Move ahead to the 2012 WJC in Alberta, and the 19 year […]

Happy Hudler’s Excellent Adventure 5

Here is your next installment of Happy Hudler’s Excellent Adventures. This week we had a little help from one of our readers Giancarlo, He was kind enough to delve into his personal stash to provide some of the great evidence for this week. Click the jump for more Here he is fighting crime…The early stages […]

Detroit vs St. Louis: Again Already!

Let’s pretend last night never happened, just like the refs pretended that Jonathan Toews actually deserved a penalty shot. Tonight the Wings take on the Blues in Detroit. It will be the 2nd game of their 2nd straight back-to-backs. We need these two points. Puck drops at 7 pm on FSD. Click the jump for […]

Red Wings vs Blackhawks Recap 12.30.11

Typical game between Detroit and Chicago. Close game with lots of BS. Jump for BS: That penalty shot was BS. 5 power plays for Chicago. 1 for the good guys. 1. I guess I should feel grateful considering that was the first one in Chicago since October 2010 when Chicago hung up their Stanley Cup […]

Why Do You Hate Chicago? Gameday Open Post

Why do you hate Chicago? Even though our fearless, though often MIA leader, Drew, currently resides in the city, one common bond that all NOHS authors believe in is that Chicago, as Jordan so delicately put it, sucks.  Big time. So I figured I’d ask, why do you hate Chicago? My answers (and yours) after […]

Pregame V2: Here are the stats for all you stat freaks

The big NHL machine is back up and running with the correct info, so here are all your stats for tonight’s bloodbath. Click the jump for actual information rather than me spouting off at how much I hate Chicago. Update: Tonight’s lines DETROIT RED WINGS TEAM NOTESDET is 361-261-84-9 all-time vs CHIDET is 146-157-51-5 all-time […]

The Central is Good, Real Good

This week of games against the Central is big.  Not only because divisional games are inherently important; of course they are.  But because the Central is dominating the NHL right now. Click to see by just how much and what that means. Other than the dead body that is Columbus, every other Central team right […]

Detroit vs Chicago: Chicago Sucks!

They call it the Madhouse on Madison, but after tonight it should be the Sadhouse. This is what we have been waiting for all year, yes it’s a regular season game, but to these two teams it’s the only game that matters. The puck drops at 8:30 on FSD. Dont miss it. Come inside and […]

Namesake Out. Nyquist In

Michael Zuidema reports that Darren Helm has tweaked his groin and will miss the next two games as a result. Click the Jump for more Gustav Nyquist has been recalled to take his place on the roster. Nyquist has played in one game this season for Detroit while they were in their slump. It will […]

Happy Thinks You’re Funny Chicago

Your mother always told you that it’s not nice to point. Happy’s mom didn’t Click the jump for more This isn’t another Happy Hudler Adventure from the KHL year, he flew in to Chicago a day early just to have a little fun. Stupid Chicago… LGRW!

Commie22 Agrees That Pierre McGuire Is a…

Turns out that giving Mr. Commodore playing time can enhance our Twitter experience. As my second favorite Tweeter(?) behind only @commie22 It was “Pierre Mcguire is a plug”. Game was on versus tonight too so I got a kick out of it That’s awesome.  It was soon followed up with this picture showing the greatness […]

Let the Chicago Hate Begin

With the first game against the hated Chicago Blackhawks tomorrow night, I figured the hate needs to start early. Yes Chicago, We are your biggest rival. You may claim that it’s Vancouver, but only an idiot “fan” of the Blackhawks, which is the large majority of you would think that statement true. In your world […]

Don’t blame Conklin for Conklin being Conklin

Who’s to blame for the hole Conklin can’t seem to dig himself out of? Confidence? Babs? Kenny? Conklin? The team? Question marks? Maybe the real answer isn’t so simple.  Click the jump to continue. I for one believe that it’s a combination of all of the above. I don’t have any concrete evidence to show […]

Mursak Returns Just In Time

Well sort of at least.  Mursak has recovered from his fractured ankle which put him out in the preseason and temporarily gave Fabian Brunnstrom a chance at cracking the lineup.  The Wings, in response, have sent him down to the AHL for a conditioning stint to get his game back. Hopefully, this won’t take very […]