Wings 4 Pinky 1

Well…that was a surprisingly easy looking game.  The Red Wings are now 1-1-0 without Pavel Datsyuk in the lineup.  Jakub Kindl returned to the lineup as Ruslan Salei was scratched. It was penalties galore in this one, as a total of 28 minutes in penalties (no fights) were dished out.  Eight minor penalties were called […]

Saturday’s with Sully – Merry Xmas, All

Christmas time.  My least favourite time of year.  And not because I’m a bitter person, but because I’m a normal person.  This is that time of year where you get in trouble from co-workers, friends and family for just being normal.  I’d like to be myself and that’s not always a bundle of joy to […]

Lineup vs Blues

We’re closing in on game time against the Brittle Bitter B*tch Blues…and Khan(!) has the lineup: Franzen-Zetterberg-HolmstromCleary-Filppula-BertuzziHudler-Abdelkader-MillerDraper-Helm-Eaves Lidstrom-StuartEricsson-RafalskiKronwall-Salei That still looks like a damn solid roster to me.  And who is starting in net? Chris mother effing Osgood.  That’s right, Ozzie goes for career win number 400 tonight against the Blues.  So maybe he won’t […]

On the Road Without Dangles

Well, we wrapped up that five game stretch with a final record of 2-2-1…taking five out of a possible ten points.  We went completely sideways.  It was good enough to maintain #1 spot in the Bestern Conference, but we certainly didn’t pad our lead.  Tonight we play in St. Louis in what is to be […]

Wings 5 Nucks 4

Well…this game wasn’t for the faint of heart, as the Wings and Cancuks flexed their offensive muscles, scoring a combined 11 nine goals in under 65 minutes when it was all said and done. Most Wings fans take this 5-4 OT win with a little less enthusiasm as Pavel Datsyuk left the game late in […]

Trending Players

For the first few months of the season, things really couldn’t be better.  1st place in the league, four quality lines, strong D and great goaltending.  In fact all we could complain about was a Oompa Lumpa who couldn’t find his game and a Modano that started slow before hitting his stride.  Lately though, our […]

It’s a very Good post!

I like it very much!  And Your viewpoint is very good, I approve of your viewpoint! At least the Spam guys are getting a little more creative…but come on.  It’s just like that stupid Vortex bottle from Miller Lite – we all know that thing is completely pointless right?  Marketing people really think we’re stupid…they’re […]

A-B-C: Always Be Closing

Closing a game, skate to throat style.   Two years ago, us Wings fans never had to deal with Detroit letting a game slip through their grasp.  Up in the third?  Might as well turn the TV off, Wings are gunna win it.  Hell, the opposing team might never even have the puck in the […]

Just How Good is 400?

Chris Osgood has a chance for win #400 tonight as the Wings face Dallas.  It is somewhat well known just how impressive it is to get 1000 points in a career.  But how impressive is it for a goalie to get 400 wins?  Well 400 wins puts Osgood at #10 all-time in the NHL.  He’s […]

Lineup vs Stars

Chris Osgood goes for win numero 400 today.  Usually, Dallas at the Joe would mean an automatic win.  But now that Marty Turco is gone and the refs started cheating for the Stars, who knows what’s going to happen. What Khan(!) does know, is that the lines that Babcock changed during…that game that we’re not […]

Saturday’s wih Sully – On Perfection

I guess I should say something about last night’s game. Maybe acknowledge its existence, somehow. It is difficult for me though, because worse than losing to the Chicago Blackhawks we lost to them on the night they honoured Cheli’s Chili founder Chris Tselios. And the worst part about that is that pricks like this in […]

Tonight’s Lineup vs Hawks

“It was great to play with someone who is older than my dad.” That’s the note that Jiri Hudler added to the photo of Chelios in a Blackhawks uniform.  His former Red Wings teammates signed it for him and Hudler added his own little note written on a napkin, according to Khan(!). Nice to see […]

Sometimes, You Have to Lose Your Way to Get Back Home

That’s the actual tagline for this movie.  Chicago vs Wings for the first time since I moved?  Oh, you better believe I wasn’t going to let this one go without a poster… Chicago sits DEAD LAST in the Central Division and 12th in the Western Conference.  But don’t feel bad, little brother – 35 points […]

Chicago Turns On Chelios – Ignore Kopecky

In a move that is simply standard procedure from Drew’s new locale, Chicago sportswriter Dan McNeil said that he simply won’t honor Chris Chelios‘ time with the Hawks? Why? Because he was traded to the Red Wings and apparently didn’t respond by quitting the game immediately.  Dan decided to give a few good reasons why Chelios […]

Curly Norris

Nick Lidstrom (also the subject of my Saturday post this week) has well earned the reputation of the Perfect Human. Let no man question that. In case anyone needs any further evidence as to why exactly he is called this, let’s look at Wednesday night’s game. No, I’m not talking about the hat trick, I’m […]