How’s it Gonna Be? Volume 2

Here are 5 more of the NHL offseason transactions that I thought were particularly interesting. This edition features some particularly uniquely dramatic scenarios including a star player jumping ship from his Eastern Conference Champs, taking a discount to play for the team that beat him to win the Cup. There is another Eastern Conference Champ […]

How’s it Gonna Be? Volume 1

Well, it’s the quietest that this year’s offseason has been all summer. So while we’re waiting around to see what Mats Sundin decides to do, I thought I might go ahead and discuss 5 of the more interesting stories that are being forged through offseason moves for this upcoming season. More to follow, but for […]

Red Wings in Cap Trouble….Awesome!

So…in signing Valtteri Filppula to a five year contract worth a total of $15 million, the Detroit Red Wings find themselves coming dangerously close to being in salary cap trouble. Did you know that the Chinese use the same word for ‘opportunity’ as they do for ‘crisis’? Well as luck would have it (and by […]

NHL blogger asking wrong questions

The National Hockey League, in my opinion, should be applauded for not putting up with a player who is considered to be a prima donna, who had a mediocre (at best) season, who lost his starting job yet demanded more than he was worth. Instead, the league is being scrutinized by some…and why? I’ll get […]