Recap 3.15.2013

Garbage game against an inferior team whom we have a history of dominance against of late. But if Chicago’s streak could come to an end, our “streak of brilliance” is in just as much danger. Pavel Valerievich had other idea, however. Wings beat the Oilers 3-2 in Overtime (great to avoid the shootout) on a […]

Red Wings Recap: 3.13.2013

This game featured a strange pre-game show on Red Wings Live. The crew thought they’d try different things to “power up” the Red Wings Powerplay, and came to the conclusion they would achieve this by tossing different appliances on the desk. Things that contain power, was their logic, I believe. Really there should only be […]

Wings’ World

ECKS-EL-ENT! Today's Gameday Movie poster offers up more genius and mad photochop skills from the wizardly Josh Howard. Remember when we were the greatest team ever assembled? Was that ALL the way back when Tia Carrere was the hottest babe on television? Surely not! Our glory days are still upon us. Party on Pav. Party […]

Blues Wings Recap: 2.13.2013

  Uggghhhh. Nice to get a point against a division team, but… Okay, let us just get through this recap. This is painful for me (as I don't drink near as much as I used to weeknights). First Period – Just as Pierre and Edso are talking about what a great rookie Barrett Jackassman was […]

State of Fans

Ah to be a Red Wings fan. To be a member of the Order, and belong to one of the most despised sub-cultures on the planet. Hated in the hockey world like Yankees fans in baseball, Cowboys fans in the NFL, Notre Dame fans in the NCAA level and loving every damn minute of it. […]

Great Moments in Tomas Holmstrom History

Homer! Demolition Man. The Angry Chipmunk. Whatever we use to describe him, it is out of pure admiration. How can you not love the guy who spent his entire career with one team being one of the biggest pains in the neck for opposing goalies/defensemen simply through the art of non-violent resistance? Which is the […]

Wings v Hawks: Renew Your Hatred Today

Quick and dirty fun fact: last night I attended a game here in the desert between Phoenix and LA. One of the most obnoxious fans I have ever encountered in the game sat right behind me. She would talk crap about the home fans each and every time they cheered for anything or booed anyone. […]

Feed the Mule (Some Motivation)

Last time I was here I ranted about how idiotic it is to compare Pavel Valerievich’s loyalty to his country and his family with love of money (lust for gold). And to use the one word that has been a sort of hockey-fan-inside-joke when describing Russian born athletes, enigmatic, whilst doing so, just makes me […]

Lockouts Make People Fear Russians

Has the Lockout made every hockey fan just a little bit crazy? If you haven’t heard about Don Cherry’s latest tirade on keeping foreigners out of Canadian hockey, get the best recap and analysis of Cherry’s xenophobic rant from JJ (the one from Kansas) over at WIIM. But there is another outrageous article regarding foreign […]

Tickets, Tickets, Tickets

I'm assuming most people writing and reading this blog are either in college or in the middle class, maybe both. And that means we make a lot of decisions based on economic impact on our lives. Jobs, cars, homes, loans of any sort, credit card payments, grocery shopping, fuel and energy consumption, we keep a […]

Words of Advice from that Other Sport

    Hello again! The offseason, the lack of free agent pick-ups, the crowds with pitch-forks and torches calling for Holland’s head, and of course, the (extremely high) potential for lockout has me very bored this season. But every once in a while you come across a blog or an article with a real gem […]

Nash, Semin, and Nashsemin

  So we lost out on the guy that was supposed to rejuvenate a defensive corps that lost its best player, and one of the best defenseman to ever play the game. Ryan Suter didn’t happen. And what is our defense going to do? I have Brendan Smith doing everything next year, so I’m not […]

Dominated the Dominant

Hey didn’t I used to write here? Well I could not keep visiting this site as often as I habitually do (smoke-break-regularity, as if I were one of those people you see in commercial breaks during the games) after that Vladdy tribute. I know it is not the fault of my co-bloggers, but I am […]

Gameday Movie Poster: Icerats

You want adversity? You’ve got it. Nobody (hopefully) was dumped in the making of this 3-1 series hole in which we’ve dug ourselves, but it is time to rely on our old friends for support to dig us out of the emotional depths. And you know what that means? Yes, that addiction to Sega Genesis […]

Suspension? I Predict No, Here’s Why

First off, I never feel morally, ethically, honourably or chivalrously clean when I wish a player from an opposing team be suspended, especially if no one was hurt. I’m a Red Wings fan and I let the league take care of its own business and know that my team will bring it no matter the […]