Wings vs. Ducks – Who’s Better? The “Experts'” Predictions

I dig previews.  It shows how little most of the supposed experts really know.  So why wait? Lets take a look.   Detroit Free Press:  Helene St. James –  Red Wings in six. The travel will test, but the way the Red Wings have been playing for the past week should carry them through this […]

Ryan Martin to Replace Jim Nill(‘s Mustache)

Wow, have we let all of you down.  Probably the biggest weekend of of regular season hockey for the Wings in 22 or so years and what do we bring you?  A couple recaps, and that's it.  Well in that time, Jim Nill, Wings assistant GM who's consistently been a topic of rumors of his […]

New Gameday Movie Poster: This is Jimmy’s Team

He might not be wearing the C, but he's been the team MVP (well, maybe co-MVP) almost every night.   At the very least, we can rely on excellence out of #35.  Jimmy's just about taken that next step into the world of elite goaltenders and today Josh Howard's rewarded him with his very own […]

Gameday Movie Poster – Keep Calm

Bertuzzi's not in for the Wings.  Neither is Sammy (thankfully).  Brown is out for the Kings.   But you know what?  That doesn't matter.  All that matters is one thing.  Winning.  And that's Josh's message for tonight, after the break:  No reason to panic.  Just make the playoffs.  And to do that, all you have […]

Hey Detroit – Play Like The Blue Jackets And You’ll Be Fine

Didn't that feel good?  The Wings not only won, but won by scoring 4 goals.  FOUR!  Remember when that was our average per game?   Ahh the good ol' days.   Yesterday was a day when everyone played hard.  The kid line looked stupid fast and furious. Franzen actually moved his feet towards the net!  Abdelkader […]

Awesome Wings Shirt Alert – Legend of the Octopus

I love cool Wings apperal.  Not just a big Winged Wheel, but cool stuff that flys under the radar a bit.   However, for some reason most appeal makers just crap the bed when it comes to being able to do it well, so I get excited when someone pulls it off.  This shirt is […]

Game Day Movie Poster – Tuzzi Returns

Today is one of THOSE days.  You know the ones I mean.  For the thousandth time, we're saying today is a "must win".  Instead of being upset or working myself into a nervous mess, I decided to look back a bit. I'm tired of the normal banter.  I miss someone who won't be playing today.  […]

T-Minus Five Days to Bertuzzi’s Return

Who's the forward with the highest points per minute on the Wings?   #44 – Todd Bertuzzi, that's who.  We don't realize it, but we've missed the serial killer more than you think.    His 2.12 points per 60 minutes of 5 on 5 hockey is best on the team and would have been great […]

Standings Watch – Why Detroit Is Sitting Pretty

It has been a few days since we last looked at the standings, so let’s take a look again and see where Detroit sits. So after a rough last week or two, the Wings find themselves in eight place with a two point margin on Dallas and Columbus (with a game in hand on the […]

It’s Trade Deadline Day – But Holland Says Don’t Expect Anything

Remember that this day used to be like Christmas morning?  Oh.  What's under the tree this April?  Is that a Chelios down there?  Oh thank you hockey gods! These days though, a little more boring.  Maybe a Quincey, but only if you're lucky.  And this year, don't expect anything from Kenny.  From the Free Press:  […]

Smith Needs to Regroup – But I Know The Perfect Replacement

50% of the time, flippys (flippies?) work every time.  That’s the joke I had with a defenseman of mine in college.   He was awesome at flipping the puck out of the zone.  Except when he wasn’t.  So I knew when he went back to the corner, get ready, because the puck is either going to […]

Sorry Kenny, Shero is the Best GM in the League These Days

Iginla is a Penguin.  So is Morrow and Murray.  The Pens needed toughness and grit and added that, plus leadership and scoring, only giving up a draft picks and mediocre prospects in return. Impressive, to say the least.  This means two things. First, the Pens have to be favorites to win the Cup this year […]