Play The Kid Line – They’ve Earned It

Outside of the rise of our defense, easily the best part of the playoffs has been the consistancy of our each of our lines, especially our third "kid" line.  Nyquist has been absolutely Datsyukian.  Brunner is tied with the team lead in goals.  Andersson looks like a freaking veteran out there and is solid as […]

Hammer N’ Nail

Someone at read what is turning out to be my favorite article ever and has taken our suggestion of mocking Dan McNeil to a new level – take a look.  Just to be sure, here's how the story begins:  The hammer and the nail don’t have a rivalry anymore. Says who? After 87 years […]

Let’s Remind Dan McNeil that the Hawks Are Still Detroit’s Little Brother

Ah.  What a game.   Twig will be here soon with a recap, but until then, let's not let Dan McNeil forget that Detroit just smoked his precious Hawks just one day after writing this:   The Blackhawks are too fast for Detroit. They're too deep. The Hawks are much more experienced, especially at the […]

Datsyuk a Selke Finalist – In Other News, Water Is Wet and Kane is a Douche

To the surprise of absolutely no-one, the best defensive forward in the league was again nominated for the Selke.  Per  Patrice Bergeron of the Boston Bruins, Pavel Datsyuk of the Detroit Red Wings and Jonathan Toews of the Chicago Blackhawks have been named the finalists for the 2013 Frank J. Selke Trophy. Here's the […]

Remember 2009?

Remember the last time these two met? 2009 WCF?  I do.  It gave us some great memories.  Like Franzen treating Kane like the child he is: aeOZ01ZCY3M[/youtube] And Helm showing the world how you kill a penalty. HSr1i4AUnYA[/youtube] Hit the jump to see why that series has a special place for NOHS:  And […]

Change It Up – Put White or Colaiacovo In

What do you think about this?  From Drew "I Hate the Fans" Sharp:  Coach Mike Babcock is contemplating lineup changes for Game 6, perhaps opting for a little more veteran experience on the blue line. There have been more than a few occasions in this series where their green defensemen — Brendan Smith, Brian Lashoff […]

You Can’t Win ‘Em All (In OT) – Game 5 Recap

Frustrating game.  Chances were there for both teams.   Ducks made it happen at the end.  Here's the recap.  FIRST PERIOD And here we go – a huge game.  After the break:  Early penalty against the Ducks for tender interference, but Detroit whiffs literally on the PP chance.  Thankfully, Perry's an a-hole and does the […]

Game 4 Recap: Oh Lord Jesus That’s an Overtime Win

Holy crap, what a game.  We saw the team fight through confidence issues and some terrible puck luck these games and hustle their way to 49 shots in the 3-2 OT win. As Brunner said after the game, they deserved this win.   Marvelous game from every freaking player on the team.  That includes Cleary, […]

McCarty’s Thoughts on Abby’s Suspension

Everyone else and their mother has had their say on the Abby hit and his two game suspension, so lets get someone who actually played the game they way it should be played to comment on it.  Here's @D_Mac25: What a f'ing joke – Abby gets 2 games for playing hockey how I grew up […]

Game 2 Movie Poster and Live Blog – ‘Tuzzpocalypse NOW! 605VGfhJgbo[/youtube] Babbles listened.   Tootoo is out. Bertuzzi is in.   And that means one thing – a 'Tuzzi game day poster.  After the break.  Game two starts at 10 PM, if little Gary lets us watch it on time this time.   LGRW Follow the game with me and the other fellas from […]

It’s Time To Release the Bertuzzi

Is It Time for Tuzzi? Game one didn’t go the way we wanted.  It wasn’t terrible by any means, but there was something missing.  Line one was good when Pavel wasn’t getting hooked and slashed.  They weren’t on their game the way they can be, but that’s ok.  They are allowed one here or there.  […]

Game 1 Live Blog & Movie Poster: Howard The Duck Killer

Here we go on the quest for #12.  Game 1 of of our 22nd consecutive year of the playoffs.  A game against one of the dirtiest teams, full of whiney balding, 30 year old frat boys.   They are talented.  Dumb, but talented.  However, we have a killer on our team.  He goes by Howard, […]

Wings vs. Ducks – Our Completely Unbiased Predictions

We've looked at the expert predictions earlier today, but now for the real experts that you've all been waiting for…us at NOHS.   Here's our completely unbiased, 100% researched, no favoritism at all for the good guys in red and white or against those bastards in black.  Lets start with our reporter in the desert:  […]