Vote Nyquist for Play of the Year

Because if you don’t, Patrick Kane wins, and that means we all lose. TSN is having a showdown bracket for its play of the year and today our newest Swede, Gustav is up with his amazing play against Tampa where he survived a mugging and kept on chugging. As TSN put it: The young Swede […]

Guest Post: A Momentum Shifting Play

Chris Note: We are trying to get things going around here.  On that note, we’re looking at a new writer who is going to cover the finer details of the sport, statistical and otherwise.  So welcome a guest post from Wings fan, Ari Zucker. By Ari Zucker The first goal Jimmy Howard gave up in […]

Sauce’s Gameday Movie Poster: Slovakian Sniper

We know its been radio silence over here at NOHS (powered by Twig in 2013) but we thought we'd break out of our slump with a great gameday movie poster Seriously, this should be on my bedroom wall, (if of course my wife would allow it, which she wouldn't.) But it should be on yours.  […]

Boom – Nyquist Here To Stay

Wings' Ken Holland said Nyquist will play tomorrow and is here to stay. No other moves needed until DeKeyser comes off LTIR in 4-6 weeks. — Ansar Khan (@AnsarKhanMLive)

BREAKING! – Babcock Actually Says Something Nice About Tatar!

Despite the fact that Detroit was KO'ed in the goal scoring department last night, I thought "The People's Choice", Tomas Tatar, had a great game.  So naturally I figured he'd sit next game, as is the Red Wings way,   So I was stunned, stunned I tell you, to read Babcock's comments about the young kid […]

Sharknado at the Joe!

Will we survive?… Can we score goals?… Is Tara Reid still as disgusting as we all remember? Find out the answers to all these and more TONIGHT. Ouellet gets his first NHL start as Ericsson and Kronwall sit. Buckle up, it's gonna be hilarious. LGRW

Awesome Wings Fan GIF

Sorta how I feel about the whole game too.  Credit Deadspin and Pensblog. 

Hey Babcock – Need Goals? Here You Go…

Right now, it's clear things aren't click yet for Detroit.  Weiss was -4 last night, Alfie was -3.  What can be done?  Khan(!) gives Babbles some obvious suggestions.  Options for Babcock include inserting one or both of his healthy spare forwards, Tomas Tatar and Jordin Tootoo. Now we all know Tootoo isn't going to do […]

Season Puck Drop Gameday Movie Poster

Life in the East starts tonight against our longtime rivals (well if you're NBC at least). But I don't care about that.  All I care about is that Detroit Red Wings hockey is back. And what does that mean for NOHS?  It means that we're going to give you what you want, a game day […]

The Wings Are Back and So Are We – With 2013-14 Predictions!

Well look at this, the blog isn’t dead. Nope!  Like the Namesake, NOHS has simply been on LTIR over the summer. Jobs, weddings, houses, and life got in the way for us, plus we were pretty burned out from the season before and the lockout in general. We needed the time off, plus, really, what […]

Datsyuk Being Datsyuk

Puck Daddy seems to be a love/hate relationship with Wings fans.  But we can agree, the best thing about Puck Daddy is the awesome Pavel interviews they get and the one today is no exception.  Here's a few highlights showing our favorite Russian at this best:  Henrik Zetterberg was named team captain this season. How […]

Seeya Carlo – Colaiacovo Is Gone

Well that didn't last long.  Per the Free Press:  Vincent Lecavalier will not be joining the Detroit Red Wings, neither will David Clarkson nor Nathan Horton. Stephen Weiss, on the other hand, could be wearing a Wings sweater next season. And defenseman Carlo Colaiacovo will be bought out by the team. Poor guy barely gets […]

Becoming the next Jimmy Howard: What does it take to be a Good Goalie?

Becoming the next Jimmy Howard: What does it take to be a Good Goalie? Although the Detroit Red Wings lost against the Chicago Blackhawks in game 7 of the Western Conference Semifinals, it is still an undeniable fact that every Red Wings game is something to watch out for. For the fans of the perennial […]

How to Score on Crawford

Simple.  Shoot high and it's a goal.  Especially glove hand.  If you haven't, check out Josh Howard's post below.   LGRW.