Detroit vs Vancouver: Start Streaking

Last night is just what we expect from the Red Wings. They may have not played solid all night, but they fought hard and didn't let up. Jimmy pulled off some incredible saves and players stepped up, notably Tatar and Kronwall. Though Cleary scored, and played arguably his best game of the season, him and […]

Pregame? with 1/3rd the Effort

There is little optimism for tonight's game with the way this team has played recently, but were Red Wings fans. We know that a few bumps in the road don't spell an end to the season, and so far things have gone ok all things considered. Click the jump for more.   Mursak is apparently […]

Looking Ahead to 2013-14

I know it's early, but its always fun to speculate. What will the Red Wings look like in 13-14? There are some questions that need to be answered, mainly how can they upgrade on defense, and can they keep both Filppula and Brunner? Who's out, and who's in? Take the jump for more speculation. Looking […]

Go For Three

The Wings have played solid hockey these last two games. We've asked for consistent play after the losses to the BJ's and Flames, and so far we've gotten it from unexpected places. The defense has been playing much better. Kronwall and Lashoff have really gelled, while Kindl has been showing great speed along with smooth […]

Who Will Show Up Tonight?

It's hard to be optimistic after watching the Wings play the last two games, but as true Wings fans we need to stop complaining and tune in. There is no doubt in my mind that they can't turn things around, they have the talent, its just finding the right combinations to go along with smart […]

Game Day Movie Poster: Hungry Games

Time for the Wings to get on track and show us that they want to win. Josh brings us a simple yet amazing movie poster that we all home may light a fire. Click the jump to see its glory HUNGRY GAMES: That's what we're playing this week.  It's kill or be killed.  We need […]

Something Needs to Change

I don't know about you, but I've had enough. This team (not all of it) is a half effort, play hard sometimes, stagnant mess, and I'm not just talking about tonight or this season. We've seen this trend happening since the 2009-10 season. Yes, there are key players missing due to free agency, retirement and […]

Detroit vs Minnesota: Time to get Started

It's easy to get frustrated when your team can't score, cant convert on the power play, cant kill penalties and leaves your goalie out to dry like their defense consists of Brett Lebda and 5 of his cousins. This team is good, and yes the defense isn't what it used to be, but that will […]

Dallas vs Detroit: Finally Home

Last nights win wasn't pretty, but i'll take 2 points however they come. Tonight the Wings open the season at home against Dallas and its anyones guess how it will turn out. Dallas is one of those teams that never seem to get out of Detroit's hair, but that might all change this season. GM Jumpin' […]

Detroit vs Columbus: Fresh Start

The best thing we can do as fans is put game 1 behind us. It wasn't an indication of how this season will play out and it wasn't a result of a Lidstromless defense. ​I would like to clear something up real quick and then I may never speak of it again. Nick Lidstrom was one […]

Detroit vs St. Louis: It’s Back

First off I'd like to say that its good to be back. I don't think that there truly ever could be anything that could keep me away from the sport I love so dearly. That said, We have ourselves a game tonight, the first of 48. Its been quite a long time since we've seen the […]

Who Really Suffers?

The Lockout is upon us and with little to no say in the matter we all just have to sit back and wait. What are the real life implications of an NHL lockout? Yeah we don't get to watch our favorite team play but who really cares? There is absolutely nothing we can do about […]

It’s Time to Calm Down

I’m not going to lie and say that I have it all together when it comes to being a Red Wings fan. In fact, my fandom has gone on a roller coaster ride ever since the Wings lost in the 1st round back in April. Free agency (or lack of) hasn’t helped. I have been […]

NOHS Free Agent Frenzy

Here is is the day we have been waiting for since that unfortunate 1st round loss. Here at Nightmare on Helm Street we will try and keep you as up to date as possible on whats going on with the Red Wings, and around the NHL. Keep this page bookmarked as we will be updating […]

Sitting Pretty?

Lots of action over the last few days at the draft. Staal gets sent to Carolina to play alongside his brother, Ribero becomes a Cap, the Penguins shed more salary by shipping Michalek back to the Coyotes, Visnovsky disappears into the abys that is Uniondale, and “The Monster” gets his rights traded to the Jets […]