Tootoo on Waivers…

We all knew this was coming. I didn't think he would get waived outright, it's not the most ideal situation, but something we all should keep close tabs on in the next day or two. Click the jump for more. The Wings sit with a little less than $550K in cap space. That's including Tootoo's $1.9M, Almquist's […]

NOHS Fantasy Hockey League

Want to join a Fantasy Hockey League? Well NOHS may have one just for you. If you are interested let us know in the comments. The league will be simple H2H, set your roster for the week and compete against the NOHS crew.  We can have up to 20 teams, giving us an opportunity to razz each other and you (especially […]

Buyouts Buyouts Buyouts! Come and Get ‘Em

The draft and free agency are just days away, and with the cap coming down mixed in with teams being able to buyout as many as 2 players starting today things are heating up quick. News broke about an hour ago that the Lightning will buy out former 1st overall pick and captain Vinny Lecavalier. […]

Game 6 Wrap-up: Suck It Ducks

This game had it all. Extreme highs, matched with heart breaking lows. I may have even cried at times. We saw Zetterberg pull this team up on his shoulders and lug them down the ice into the offensive zone. As much as I hated to see this game almost go down the toilet in the […]

Game Day Movie Poster… Sorta

With Josh out of town I figured I'd take a shot at a Movie Poster. I don't have the skills as our resident photochopper, but here goes… Click the jump for the poster It works, right?

Game 4: This is Our House

So is it doom and gloom? Many day that the Wings are done, and after that 4-0 loss the other night I can't say it's not tempting to jump on that bandwagon. Does losing DeKeyser hurt? Yup. Is Abby's ill fitting suspension going to cripple the team offensively? Probably not, but it still stings. What's […]

Game 3: Build Momentum

Series is tied 1-1 and Detroit showed everyone that they have the ability to dominate the Ducks, as long as they don't let up. Hopefully a lesson learned and we won't see that again. Hiller looked human, and that works to our advantage. He's a great goalie, but doesn't handle pressure very well. Jimmy does, […]

Game 2: Tie it up

Tuesday’s game was a bit of a letdown for Wings fans. We all felt that the outcome should have been reversed, and even with sloppy play at times the game was pretty evenly matched, and could have gone either way. 1 game does not make a series, and you can bet that the Wings will […]

Remember “The Switch”

Playoffs start tonight. Many of us from time to time weren't sure if this day would come for the Wings, but deep down we all knew that Captain Z wouldn't let his first season as commander go down as the year the Wings didn't make it in. My coverage on this site has been lacking. […]

Game Day Movie Poster: White

It's purely just a coincidence that Quincey went down with a possible season ending injury just as Ian White looked like he would spend the rest of the season in the press box, or on the trade block. Since the Wings play has brought us all down maybe its time to have a little fun […]

Will Our Questions Get Answers?

The Detroit Red Wings are a shell of the team we all know and love. There are a lot of the same players from those former teams, but very little of the consistency we have become accustomed to. Blame it on the injuries all you want, but I'm not buying it. See, when teams want […]

Good News, Great News, Amazing Game Day Movie Poster

Due to an insane amount of travel for work I haven't actually been able to watch a single Red Wings game since what seems like 1985, in reality I haven't watched since the 2-1 win over the Sharks back on February 28th. It sounds like I didn't miss much. The Wings have been trapped in some alternate […]

Detroit vs Colorado Pregame: And Other Stuff That Doesn’t Matter

Tonight at 7:30 on FSD. Be there. What's there to say that hasn't already been said at this point. The Wings will roll with the same lineup as the last few games, and whether you think Babs is crazy, stubborn, looking for a new job, or has a plan is all irrelevant. Why? Because he's […]

Too Much D in the D?

With the eventual return of Colaiacovo Detroit will have 9 NHL defenseman on the roster. The obvious yet unpopular 1st move made would be to send Lashoff down to GR. That leaves 8 defenseman left. Kindl and Huskins could sit eating up roster space in the press box, but it may not be that simple. […]

Game Day Movie Poster and Live Blog: King Me

It's a late start tonight, and the Wings are welcoming back a few almost forgotten faces with Franzen, Smith and Quincey. Filppula is out with a shoulder issue, and White is a healthy scratch. Lets hope they can get this streak going by taking out the Kings. 10pm on NBCSN, TSN2, FSD Hit the jump. You […]