It’s Rare Time That I’m Embarrassed to be a Wings Fan…

It's rare that I am embarrassed to be a fan of the Detroit Red Wings. I am 25 years old now and I've been rooting this team on ever since I was 6. I've always felt and been inspired by the heroics of the players on the ice and the personalities in the locker room. […]

Happy Birthday Petr Mrazek

This is Petr Mrazek, who may or may not be the future staring netminder for the Detroit Red Wings. Today he turns 21 years old and can now legally consume vodka-OJs, gamble and hang out with our friend Patrick Kane over the off-seasons. Hit the jump for more birthday cheer. Petr Mrazek has been impressive […]

Time for David Backes to Pay the Kronwaller

So lets get one thing straight before we hit the jump… I never, ever, ever wish harm on a hockey player from another team. Unless the other player is Claude Lemieux. Screw that guy. That said, tonight David Backes of the St. Louis Blues needs to pay the piper a bit. Hit the jump to […]

Henrik Zetterberg for MVP

You could very well be looking at the next Hart Trophy winner here folks. I get a weird feeling when I think about a member of the Detroit Red Wings winning any kind of personal hardware. Unless it's Pavel Datsyuk winning the Selke. For some reason that just feels right. However in this shortened season, […]

Today I Was Wrong About Everything

I have a good friend in town this weekend and I've been tasked to make his girlfriend like hockey. No mountain I can't climb, and I've done this kind of thing before. Maybe I'm missing my calling… how much would you pay to have a seasoned professional come teach your girlfriend about hockey? Hit the […]