Hawks vs Red Wings Recap: 1.27.13

I didn't get a chance to watch the game as I was traveling all day.  I was in the car for 11 hours today…the ice at the United Center could not have possibly been as smooth and as think as the ice on I-90 in Minnesota today.  Wisconsin was all snow and Illinois was all […]

Talking D in the D

Tomorrow we play the Blackhawks.  I'm hoping that by some happy twist of fate…our little cousins from Columbus pull of an upset and take the heretofore unbeaten indians down a notch tonight. We've lost three guys already that were supposed to be helping our blue line.  We MAY have one of them back tomorrow…though probably […]

Wings vs Wild: A Fire Will Rise

Well…it's been anything but an ideal season thus far.  For starters, we lost the greatest defenseman to ever play the game.  Then we lost half of the season.  Then we lost a bunch of players to injury on our way to losing 2 out of the first three games. That's a lot of losing.  And […]

Waiting on That Schedule

We have an official start date. We also have the number of games the Red Wings are going to play.  What we don't have is the official schedule just yet from the NHL.  I'll be very interested to see what it actually looks like – a Leastern Conference team may not be so interested. Why?  […]

All Coming Together

Not a whole lot of new news to report this morning. But we're gearing up for this short season that could start next week.  We could be watching Red Wings hockey in 7 days.  I know this has been painful.  I know that it has been frustrating.  But let's put our fan hats (made of […]

Hockey is Coming

Morning, gang…it's time to get back to work, according to After a marathon 16-plus hour negotiating session at the Sofitel Hotel that began Saturday afternoon, the sides announced an agreement in principle shortly after 6 a.m. Sunday. We don't have a number of games yet…we don't have a start date.  BUT – apparently those […]

Today’s the Day EWQs3O_IDas&feature=player_embedded#[/youtube] Obviously a little one-sided…but a provocative video nonetheless.

Done Deal?

It's been far too long since I posted anything on here…and for that I apologize.  I have selfishly been taking a kind of "ostrich" approach to the CBA talks and have had my head buried in the sand.  (I'm sure some of you could think of a more creative place for me to stick my […]

Get That Mug On TV

According to an mLive source that is NOT the illustrious Khan(!) – the Detroit Red Wings are looking to put some local fans on TV this afternoon. Fans are encouraged to show up at Joe Louis Arena today around 3 PM wearing your winged wheel jersey (bring an extra if you have it).  They will […]

Intent to Know: Lockout Pending?

So during my travels yesterday – as with many days on the road – I had NHL Home Ice turned on my XM Radio.  The NHLPA and the Owners sat down and talked for a little over an hour and  a half yesterday about the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).  After the meeting was over, […]

Mr. Smith Goes to Hockeytown (to Stay)

Brendan Smith was drafted at the tender age of 18 just as he was about to enroll in his first classes at the University of Wisconsin.  Smith was finishing his Junior Hockey career St. Michaels where he had 62 points in 78 games played…as a defenseman.  He was Detroit’s first selection (27th overall).  After losing […]


I started typing a response to a reader’s comment on this morning’s post about Bertuzzi being slotted to play on the top line with Datsyuk heading into this season. The response got to be so lengthy that I figured it might be best to put in a full post so we can have a nice […]

Sorry, Goose, But it’s Time to Buzz a Tower

We had so much fun talking about Tomas Jurco yesterday – I figured what the hay…let’s do it again with a prospect that will be getting his first full-time gig (we think) with the big club all season.  #14 – Gustav Nyquist. A lot of people are excited about this soon-to-be 23 year old Swede […]

Jurco Signed

Tomas Jurco has puck skills. He was drafted by Detroit last year with 35th selection overall.  The 19 year old Slovak is just one of the young promising talents that Detroit has in its ranks. According to Khan(!), he was signed to a three year entry-level deal worth $2.12 million. The 6’2, 193 pounder has […]

Time for 55 to Drive

So what are we looking at right now in terms of defense heading into this next season? Kronwall-WhiteQuincey-EricssonSmith-Kindl Question marks?  Sure.  But there are worse top 6 in the league…despite all of the complaining in the Red Wings’ universe.  Remember Brett Lebda?  Remember Derek Meech?  Kyle Quincey had a mediocre (at best) end to the […]