Red Wings vs Bruins Recap: 10.14.13

Was it a good game? I didn't get to see it, but based on the reaction from Twitter, it was entertaining. So, since I missed the game, I'll leave it up to you to comment and tell everyone else how it went. One thing I did notice was that Detroit didn't have a single power […]

Dear NHL Network, We Need To Talk…

Dear NHL Network. I like you.  When I had Time Warner and they threw it in to the package for free, it was great.  I enjoyed eating breakfast basking in the glow of last night's highlights with hosted by former back-up goalies. Plus, if I didn't have GameCenter, those extra games would have sure been […]

Wings Trio Invited to US Camp

As we wait for more UFA news to trickle in…I thought it would be a good idea to keep you abreast of the US National Team developments. But only because we have three players from the Detroit Red Wings organ-i-zation that have received invites to the camp. 1 Forward 1 Defenseman 1 Goalies I would […]

Smiles from The Namesake

So we've hit a bit of a lull in the Free Agent Market news.  So I thought today would be a good day to share a bit of "feel good" news. Let me start by asking a question – what would the Chicago series have looked like if #43 in the Winged Wheel would have […]

Free Agent Frenzy Open Post

Well…it's time for the traditional Free Agent Open post.  I'll keep this thing running with all the updates as often as I can. We kick it off with a doozy… Ansar Khan ‏@AnsarKhanMLive 27s Damien Brunner and Craig Adams both hitting UFA market Ruh roh. Updated 12:10 PM: Helene St. James ‏@HeleneStJames #RedWings' negotiations with […]

Griffs Aim for Calder Finals

The kids are all right. This was the first time since I can remember…there was not ONE mention of the Red Wings' age being a hindrance to their play-off performance.  I take that back…they were actually talking about the YOUTH of the organ-i-zation…when was the last time THAT happened? There's a lot of reasons to […]

Mule is Staying Put

Obviously – this isn't the kind of thing I'd like to be writing about here in the early parts of June.  But at least the Red Wings gave us great hockey almost all the way through May. …Yeah I know it wasn't ALWAYS great hockey.  But at least we have a team that you can […]

Time for Some Hate

There was an e-mail thread going back and forth while I was on the road today (25,000+ miles driven since mid January) between the NOHS team and myself.  Josh was talking about how the Wings had been written off even before the play-offs…then again in round 1 and then twice here in round 2.  Twig […]

Series Tied, But Dekeyser Down

Hey gang…been a while since you've heard from me.  I apologize for that – work's got me running' around like a madman (I've put in over 18,000+ miles on the road since mid January).  But forget all that – it's Red Wings play-off time and it's long past due that we get re-acquainted.  Oh and my […]

3.16.13 – The Legend Ends

It worked last night (eventually)…why not tonight? Maddening… there's been chaos in this team.  They are struggling every game… laboring for a simply two points.  You can be sure, there will be changes tonight.  They won't be what you expect or what you want.  That isn't how this coach operates.  When does he ever appease […]

3.15.13 – Why So Serious?

I hope you folks are ready for this poster…it instantly became one of my favorites. Here's a few words from the Head of the NOHS Graphics Art Department – Mr. Josh Howard himself: Ken Holland…. He thinks you've forgotten about his diabolical genius.  It's time you realize it can't be fully understood.  Sometimes things needs […]

Shake Ups Come in Two’s

You wanted change?  All you had to do was ask. Though this is a good news/bad news kind of shake up.  Two is the number of the day.  Brendan Smith (#2) is placed onto Injury Reserve after suffering an "upper body injury" in that Columbus Blue Jacket debacle on Saturday night.  Tomas McCollum is sent […]

Where We Stand 2.4.11

STANDINGS WATCH! I'm here on site (in Sioux Falls, SD) and it's time to look at where we stand so far this season.  I tried to get in to get an interview with Jordan but they said 'nope, you can't do it – he's a angry as a hell fan…he will literally RIP YOUR FACE […]

Kick ‘Em When They’re Down vs St. Louis 2-1-13

So – as promised, I sifted through our least favorite St. Louis blog today to see what little gems I could find from the MENSA candidates over at St. Louis Game Time.  They never disappoint. I knew what the feelings would be like in St. Louis after last night's game.  It was a bad call […]

Kill Blues

On February 1st…a Quest for Revenge begins. "This is a tale about revenge… glorious, nasty revenge.  We remember what happened 12 days ago.  It will be avenged…it's kill or be killed…it's about getting even stevens…it's about cleaning the slate…and we're going to get even our revenge one way or another. The skates are sharp, the […]