About NOHS

The Nightmare on Helm Street is an unofficial site overwhelmingly dedicated to the Detroit Red Wings and the destruction of their enemies.   The site strives to bring you the most current Red Wing news and interesting NHL opinions, all with a little Blackhawks hate thrown in.   We currently have six authors committed bringing you what we hope is the best Detroit Red Wings blog available.

  • Drew, the site’s founder and main editor, started a non-partisan blog in 2008 which failed miserably.  He eventually created NOHS on the scorched Earth thereafter in July 2009.  Drew is a former college hockey player from Michigan and now resides in the heart of enemy territory, Chicago.  He’s the brain-child behind the creation of Movie Poster of the Day and many of the other great things that make Nightmare on Helm Street what it is today.
  • Chris was added as an author soon after the founding of NOHS and now is a co-editor of the site.  He’s a goaltender who also formerly played college hockey with Drew.  He focuses on the day to day aspects of the Wings.
  • Ryan, aka “Twig” is a diehard Wings fan, who’s originally from Grand Haven and now lives in Texas.  He’s the former author of the minor league section at Kukla’s Korner and brought his love of the game to NOHS in mid-2011.  He specializes in post game recaps and breaking down what is and isn’t working for the Wings.
  • Jordan Ries is the founder of the blog Detroit Hockey Report, which he ran until he joined our team in November of 2011.  He’s a former player who recently returned to Michigan after living in Chicago for some time.  Jordan focuses on the statistical side of things, but will also bring you a “Hulktuzzi” before every game.
  • Brendan aka “Sully“, is a die-hard Red Wings fan living in Arizona.  Formerly in charge of “Saturday’s with Sully,” he now posts on a part time basis and brings a unique brand of humor and hate in his recaps.
  • Josh Howard is the head of the NOHS graphics department.  His photoshop talent is phenomenal and he is responsible now for the incredible gameday movie poster line-up which NOHS has become famous for.

You can email any of the authors at nightmareonhelmstreet@gmail.com, or individually as listed on the Contact Us page.