Red Wings in the Olympics

The Red Wings are sending 10 players to Sochi, which ties them with Chicago and St. Louis for the most in the NHL. Yikes, the Central was badass. Still is, I hear. Anyways, after the jump you’ll find a rundown of who got in.

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Sweden: Zetterberg, Alfredsson, Franzen, Ericsson, Kronwall, and Gustavsson. No Nyquist, but if someone can’t go, he’d be a good choice to replace them.

Slovakia: Tatar and Jurco.

Russia: Datsyuk.

U.S.A: Howard.

Canada: The winter belongs to none of our Canadians.

Noteworthy Notes Worth Noting: Zetterberg will be Team Sweden’s captain. If Gustavsson plays at all, there could be times when everyone on the ice for Sweden is a member of the Red Wings. Speaking of Gustavsson, how awesome is Jim Bedard? Monster gets booed out of town by a terrible Toronto hockey team and in less than 2 years, he’s a goaltender on a team with legit gold medal hopes. Nice.

So, who will you be cheering for next month? My patriotism ensures that I’ll always cheer for Team U.S.A., but after them, I’m thinking Russia, just because I’d like to see Pav win gold in front of his family.

P.S. Yeah, we’ve been kind of MIA lately. We’re working on it! This is what happens when life becomes chaotic for the whole team.