Wings “Would-Have-Been” Winter Classic Jerseys

Little Gary took the Classic away from us this year and in doing so, took away the jersey's that we would have been donning as well.  While I'm always skeptical of a third jersey, the Wings hit a home-run with their previous WC iteration, so much so that I actually own a Lidstrom version.  

Well this year's version has surfaced and they would have been pretty freaking amazing if you ask me.  Take a look,

Pretty stunning.  Love the classic look.  I would hate it if it was the regular jersey, but for a one time game, it's great.  It goes great with the Toronto jersey, which is…

…after the jump: 

So a red and blue affair.  I love it.  So much color on the ice, rather than just the red and white of normal days.  I'd be surprised if they didn't stick with these jerseys for next year's game too, so maybe all is not lost. 

Things like this and wins are so much more fun to cover than lockouts and losses.  So Detroit and Gary listen up.  Wins and outdoor hockey games – GOOD.  Losses and lockouts – BAD