Wings vs Wild: A Fire Will Rise

Well…it's been anything but an ideal season thus far.  For starters, we lost the greatest defenseman to ever play the game.  Then we lost half of the season.  Then we lost a bunch of players to injury on our way to losing 2 out of the first three games.

That's a lot of losing.  And losing is not something we've become accustomed to in Detroit.  Let me take that back…we're not used to the RED WINGS losing a lot.  But – there's a storm coming, Mr. Wayne.

It's time to shake things up a bit with this line up.  Some twins separated…and two debuts.

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The first debut tonight is none other than Dirty Bert…a brutally ruthless terrorist leader.  No wait…that's Bane.  No wait…that's Bert

Sometimes the genius is in the simplicity.

Also making his season debut tonight will be none other than The Namesake himself according to Khan(!)

"The last four or five days I’ve been working real hard to get back into that shape. It’s not the same unless you get out there. Workout shape is a lot different than game shape. It’s going to take a little bit of time, but I think I’ll be right back in there pretty quickly.'' –Darren Helm

Awwwww yeah.  Think his work ethic on ice isn't going to catch on?  Our third line just got a whole lot faster, more dangerous, and better looking (come on…you know it's true).

Another big adjustment to the lineup is the separation of the Euro Twins.  The lines looked this at practice:

Franzen – Zetterberg – Brunner

Filppula – Datsyuk – Bertuzzi

Cleary – Helm – Abdelkader

Miller – Emmerton – Tootoo

Kronwall – Lashoff

Quincey – Smith

Huskins – Kindl

Oh yeah…Kindl makes his debut tonight as well.  Jimmah gets the start between the pipes with McCollum backing up.  Should be interesting with this lineup.  I'm sad to see Eaves as a healthy scratch…but that's why we pay Babcock the big bucks.

Now the powerplay coach shouldn't be getting paid at all.  I miss Todd McClellan.  Who wants to see 60 minutes of Red Wings hockey?  I don't think we've seen that much over the three games that they've played.  The other skate's gotta drop and hit the ice some time, right?  Why not tonight against those two punks that turned down the chance to join a great team and instead transformed a mediocre team into a…slightly less mediocre team.

Let's Go Red Wings.