Wings v Hawks: Renew Your Hatred Today

Quick and dirty fun fact: last night I attended a game here in the desert between Phoenix and LA. One of the most obnoxious fans I have ever encountered in the game sat right behind me. She would talk crap about the home fans each and every time they cheered for anything or booed anyone. She pointed out how Phoenix fans don’t understand any of the officiating and how she can’t “like, respect a franchise that is full of so many whiners, y’know?” She then said “Phoenix is absolutely terrible” and the home fans finally had enough of her. “Ahead of LA in the standings, we might point out,” one of them said. “Oh I don’t care about LA, I’m from Chicago,” she said.

Yep. Of course you are darling. This ass whooping tonight is brought to you by your good friends in Michigan and will be free of charge. Just for you.

The time of change is upon us, folks. From Nick and Homer stepping down to the new learning curve of our young Defense, a new assistant head coach and even though we’ve started out with some growing pains in this new era, we have turned the tide and found some offense in our last game. Mercifully. Now it’s time to face a familiar foe. Battle is once more in the air, to paraphrase Keith Roberts. And with that, we give you our movie poster mad genius’s latest work: