Will Our Questions Get Answers?

The Detroit Red Wings are a shell of the team we all know and love. There are a lot of the same players from those former teams, but very little of the consistency we have become accustomed to. Blame it on the injuries all you want, but I'm not buying it. See, when teams want to win they find a way. We have superstars, but we also have players that don't think you need to play solid for 60 minutes, and that's an issue.

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Babs cant light a fire. Z and Pav can't do it all. Howard isn't going to be on all the time, so what do you do in those situations? you band together as a team, and you fight. You clamp down defensively and let those patient, effective decisions create your offensive chances.

This team needs to decide what type of hockey they want to play. We've seen them beat good teams, but we've also seen them get destroyed by teams like Columbus and Calgary. What Gives?

I know its a pipe dream to think that this team can be improved through a trade without over paying or sacrificing your future, but maybe going the season status-quo and hoping you can improve through free agency and promotions will just leave the team in the same situation next year.

Remember when the Wings dominated in 94-94 & 95-96 yet still fell short? What happened? Management shook the team up. They traded a young promising forward with huge potential and one of the greatest offensive defensemen to play the game to the Whale and brought in Shanahan. Today that deal seems like a no-brainer because Primeaux ended up fizzling out in his prime, and Coffee was winding down, while Shanny was one of the trio of players that defined this team for a decade along with Yzerman and Lidstrom. At the time it wasn't so cut and dry, but sometimes those type of bold moves are what's needed.

I'm not saying that trading for someone like Bowmeester or Iginla will make us back-to-back champions, but I think you guys get where I'm trying to go with this.

Will our young guys be able to step it up and take over this team in the future? some of them might. Some may not pan out like we hope. We can't always hold onto the promise or potential some of our prospects have. We shouldn't trade them all for proven veterans either, but sometimes you may need to let one go. I think as fans we fall in love with the players on the team and in the system, and that makes it hard to fairly evaluate a trade scenario. Management and coaching fall victim to this at times as well.

Today is a new day, and another chance to set this team on the right course, trade or no trade. Will they respond? probably. Will they continue to build off that? That's the question that only time will tell.If the first part of the season is any indication, the rest of this season may not end so well.