Wild vs Red Wings Recap 3.20.2013

Detroit wasn’t good enough to win tonight as they fell to the Wild by a score of 4-2. The shrt version of this recap is that the Wild scored when they had chances and the Wings did not when they had theirs.

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Backstrom was better than Howard tonight. A lot better. Howard needs to stop the third goal, but I don’t fault him for the other three against him. Still, letting in four on less than 20 shots isn’t good enough. Backstrom made several key saves on the Wings, though and that was the difference.

The Wild defense was better than the Wings’ defense. Guys not tying up sticks, not clearing pucks and not covering open players cost the Wings dearly.

Pavel played well, but Mule is in one of his moods where he just doesn’t care and Abby still sucks at hockey, so that line isn’t going to produce a ton. Brunner isn’t exactly snake bit because he’s not getting good chances. He’s just not playing well right now.

The no-goal was annoying. I can see why Jackson thought it was a high stick, but not being allowed to review it is insane. Some wonder if that changed the game. Whatever. They lost by two. Do you want a coach’s challenge brought into the game? And if so, how would you work it? And if not, is it because you’re like Mike Milbury and think that refs getting calls wrong is good for the game?

The Kronwall hit: I’m biased, but it looked ok to me. Last year he drilled Voracek with a clear shoulder to face, but since Voracek had his head down, it was legal. His shoulder did graze Coyle’s face, but if his head had been up would it have been touched at all? Also, the penalty called was 4 minutes for high-sticking, not a head shot. On the replay I didn’t see the stick hit Coyle’s face, but he was bleeding somehow, so I just don’t know. Kronwall had better not be suspended though.

Great goal by Nyquist. He had the 4th lowest ice time. Tootoo basically had two points tonight. He had the least ice time. Jack Adams.

38 shots to 18 at home and you lose bad? It happens. That’s hockey. Next game is Friday in Anaheim.