Who’s Killing the Penalty Kill? – Part 2 of a Statistical Look At the Wings

77%.  That’s what our PK percentage is these days.  It’s been the one thing that’s killed us this year.  Killed us again this past Wednesday against the Kings.  If we don’t fix it soon, it’ll be the reason why the streak ends. 

I feel like penalty killers are given a pass on fans and reporters critiquing their game individually.  Draper was great at it right?  I think so, but I have nothing other than my memories to back that up. 

Sure, we know the PP sucks, but who is making it suck and who’s doing alright out there?  Let’s take a look.

I'll give you three guesses of who's sucking it up, but there's no way you get who's dominating…all after the break. 

So I’ve taken behindthenet.ca’s tools and looked at how our players do on the PK, only 5 on 4.  I’ve further only looked at players who average a minute or more on the PK per game.  Here’s the results, sorted by GA/per 60 minutes of play. 

Let’s start with the good. 

Leading the pack we have the new guy Kent Huskins, who hasn’t let a goal in on during his time on the ice despite the fact that he plays an average of 2 and a quarter minutes per game on the PK in his 11 games.  Makes sense too, his foot speed is a bit slow, but defensively he’s solid around the net.  He’s a PK specialist it appears.

But speaking of special, look at Zetterberg.  His GA per 60 on the PK is about half the Wings GA average all around.  Essentially, if Zetterberg played the entire game, ON THE PK, we’d average 1.8 goals against per game, which would be leading the league.  Holy freaking crap. 

Zetterberg for MVP…anyone?

On the other end of special, look who’s holding down the bottom of the fort.  Good ol’ curly haired paleface.  Abdelkader hasn’t just been bad on the PK, he’s been about six goals per game worse than the next worst guy.   16 GA per game on average.  Wow.  How he ever touches the ice amazes me even more reading this.

And this isn’t a huge bonus to our other players when you compare it to some of the better teams.  For example, the highest GA of any player on Boston per 60 minutes is 2.9.   I’d say the average on the team is about 2.   Montreal, a more middle of the range team, averages around 5-6.   Our average is about 8-9.   So Filppula, Cleary, and Quincey are doing alright, and everyone else is pretty crap.  Including Datsyuk, which does surprise me a bit. 

So the TL:DR of part two?  Zetterberg for MVP.  Huskins is good when he doesn’t have to skate. 

And Abdelkader to the beer leagues.