Where We Stand 2.4.11


I'm here on site (in Sioux Falls, SD) and it's time to look at where we stand so far this season.  I tried to get in to get an interview with Jordan but they said 'nope, you can't do it – he's a angry as a hell fan…he will literally RIP YOUR FACE OFF'.

How did we go from such a high after the Blues win to "Babcock lost the room" and "trade guys right f***ing now"?  Oh yeah – because we're Red Wings fans and we get a little wrapped up emotionally and live in the moment.

But let's take a breath and a step back.  The Washington Capitals have won two games in nine.  I know that doesn't really mean anything to us except – things could be worse…a lot worse.

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We're 16.66 (repeating, of course)% complete with this season.  Here's what the West looks like…

Look at the Stanley Cup Champions.  Look at poor Jiri Hudler and his flames.  If we can play this inconsistent emotionless hockey and still remain in the top six in the Conference – then there's hope for us yet.

Don't get me wrong – I'm not particularly pleased with the way we've been playing.  But we're sitting at .500 and I'm not panicking (yet).  We're a team in transition.  We lost the best defenseman ever.  Our replacement for Rafalski has been out.  Our Namesake has been out.  We've got a bunch of kids on our blue line.


I haven't given up on Babcock and I don't want you guys to either.  Has he lost the locker room?  I'm not buying it.  Not eight games into the season.  Does something need to change?  Maybe.  We've really only seen our lineup at full strength in one game this year – and we won.  Now – the strength of an organ-i-zation is, of course, lies within it's weaker players.  And I agree that some guys ***coughcoughDanClearycoughcough** are not playing up to snuff.  But we have wiser and more experienced men safeguarding this franchise and making those lineup decisions.

Sit #11 for a game and let one of the kids show you what he's got?  I'm not against it.  If anything, letting our favorite Newfie sit in the press box might light a fire under him.  But minor tweaks, people.  We went for the home run pass in the off season – Kenny might be thinking about just sitting back and seeing what this team (coaches included) has to offer this season.

What do I know?  I'm just a blogger.  I am disgusted to see how well Chicago is playing.  But they're pretty much the same team that went on that horrific slump last year – they could do it again.  If THIS is our funk and we're still winning four out of eight games…then that is okay.

Breathe, people.  We still have 83.34% of the season to go.