Today I Was Wrong About Everything

I have a good friend in town this weekend and I've been tasked to make his girlfriend like hockey. No mountain I can't climb, and I've done this kind of thing before. Maybe I'm missing my calling… how much would you pay to have a seasoned professional come teach your girlfriend about hockey?

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Five bucks? 20 Chicken Rings from White Castle? Sixer of High Life?

So our Detroit Red Wings took on the Edmonton Oilers in a mid-day game today, and managed to beat them despite taking several penalties. That has been enough to down the Wings so far this season, and I am impressed by what they managed to do against the top-end Oilers power play.

Which brings me to the firstitem  I was wrong during the game today.

It was during a late power play for Edmonton and the kids were swarming. I said aloud the same thing most fans were probably thinking. This is where the Wings give up the power play goal. This is where special teams once again cost Detroit the game.

Well, I was wrong. Pavel Datsyuk was incredible today and made several remarkable plays while a man down. Ditto for Z and the rest of Detroit's PK-crew, which has been awful. Real awful.

I'm going to outline the other things I was wrong about in a list form because my friends are peer-pressuring me into delicious tacos and margaritas. Life is hard.

– There aren't many players that can catch Zetterberg from a few feet out, and I was impressed by Hall and the Nuge tracking him down and breaking up that break away. I thought he was going to score there. I was wrong.

– Today was the first time I've ever seen Franzen draw a penalty using his incendiary speed. Impressive play in the neutral zone to draw the hook. I like it.

– I was fearing that there would be a bottom-six letdown after the explosion they had against the Blues, but there was no such thing. Drew Miller looked impressive (first time I believe those words have ever been written side by side) and Abdelkader played a great game as well.

All in all, I was wrong about pretty much everything today. The Wings made me feel silly for my pessimism, and I'm very thankful for that. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday. I require tacos and margaritas now.

Go Wings.