Time for Some Hate

There was an e-mail thread going back and forth while I was on the road today (25,000+ miles driven since mid January) between the NOHS team and myself.  Josh was talking about how the Wings had been written off even before the play-offs…then again in round 1 and then twice here in round 2.  Twig added this gem:

Chicago is playing to save face and escape with dignity. Wings are playing for history.

I fired back an e-mail with my thoughts that had been gathering like a storm since last night.  Our resident stupid goalie, Chris…thought it would make a good post.  So here it goes..

After the jump.

I've been brewing a few thoughts over the past few hours (driving of course.) While I agree with Twig's sentiments about Chicago trying to save face and Detroit playing for history…I feel like that's more about how the fans are thinking..and management.

For the players…its all about winning this hockey game and making their bid for the Cup.

If it were ANY other team we were playing, I'd say I was happy just making it this far…with he Wings being written off like Josh said. But it isn't any other team…it's Chicago. I hate Chicago.

I hate their fans.
I hate their coach.
I hate their building.
I hate they have the nickname of their building in lights INSIDE their building.
I hate their whiny captain.
I hate 20 Cent Patrick Kane.
I hate Lurch (Brian Bickell)
I hate Tattoo (Andrew Shaw)
I hate Hossa.
I WOULD hate Keith if he was still relevant.
And I hate listening to Edzo call nationally broadcasted Hawk games…even when it isn't the Wings…the man needs to be stopped.

Any other series would not get me this roles up and taking this so personally. But it isn't any other series…its THIS series. And I want to win. I kept quiet when the Wings went up 3-1…but over the past two games the Chicago "friends" of mine have decided NOT to extend me the same courtesy.

Tomorrow is the end of an era…the last playoff series between these two outside of the Cup Final in the foreseeable future. Either team, regardless of what happens in the third round, will be able to look back and say "at least we took them out"…this will end perfectly for one team and as bitter as can be for the other.

…that last bit is more geared toward the fans again. But after all…that's what WE are.

I want to win.