The Proposed Realignment – Thoughts and Reader Poll

There’s been a million articles on the realignment that’s been proposed by the NHL, but we gotta hit on it too.  They’ve managed to somehow not squarely address the main concern that the NHLPA had with the last alignment, notably the uneven conferences.  However, there’s a lot of good too.  Let’s just hit the main points from the Wings’ perspective.  First here’s their division:

The NEW Central Division

Boston Bruins
Buffalo Sabers
Detroit Red Wings
Florida Panthers
Montreal Canadians
Ottawa Senators
Tampa Bay Lightning
Toronto Maple Leafs

Good parts: 

Just look at that division.  Holy crap.  4 original six teams, plus hockey mad Buffalo and Ottawa. And don’t forget Yzerman’s team down there in Tampa, who are always fun to watch. Not to mention we get free wins again Florida forever, similar to Columbus. 

Less travel!  Though there is still a decent amount with Florida and Tampa, but still. 

Time zone – All Eastern conference teams, which means all games are EST.  Woohoo, no more 10:30 games! 

Did I mention that we are in a conference with FOUR original six teams?

Coolest oriignal six picture on google. 

More thoughts and a reader poll, after the break:

Bad Parts:

The conferences are still uneven and Detroit is stuck in an 8 team conference, making it harder to get into the playoffs.  Sure they’ve added a wild card playoff spot, but still – considering the league parity these days, I hate this.

Goodbye little brother Chicago.  As good as Toronto’s rivalry was, there’s not one better right now than Chicago and Detroit.  These cities HATE each other and that’s going to be hard to replace.  Though I must remind myself that we’d be going into a division with FOUR ORIGINAL SIX TEAMS.   Feels better.

No more easy playoff wins over St. Louis.  Because seriously, they can’t beat Detroit. I’d also miss reading their oh-so-bitter and jealous posts about how much they hate Detroit.

No more Columbus.  The three hour trip is the closest team to Detroit and….oh who am I kidding, only I care about this because, right now, as a resident of Columbus, I get to see the Wings 3-4 times a year for dirt cheap.  I don’t want this to end…

So in the end, there’s some good and bad.  I think the good outweighs the bad, but only slightly at the moment.  So vote on it in the poll below and let’s hear your thoughts in the comments:

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