Talking D in the D

Tomorrow we play the Blackhawks.  I'm hoping that by some happy twist of fate…our little cousins from Columbus pull of an upset and take the heretofore unbeaten indians down a notch tonight.

We've lost three guys already that were supposed to be helping our blue line.  We MAY have one of them back tomorrow…though probably not the one you would like.

I don't really feel the need to discuss the season opener anymore.  Suffice to say – the defense has been looking better…but we've got a long way to go.

According to Khan(!) – the Big Rig may be ready to go tomorrow after stepping on a puck in practice **eye roll + sigh**

Like I said previously, the defense has shown incremental improvements, though at times – the passing still looks like that kid and his dad playing catch in that Volkswagen commercial.

Jimmy – who tomahawked his stick after the second Wild goal last night, indicated that his defense may not be as frustrating to him as may have appeared…

“We've been doing a lot better job. I think a lot of it is guys sacrificing their bodies. There's good communication back there, which allows us to break out faster.'' –Jimmy Howard

There were indeed a lot of blocked shots last night.  The Minnesota Wild TV screw gave Detroit a lot of credit for it (hey, I live in Sioux Falls now, remember?).  We'll probably need a lot more of the same in the games that follow.

We're going to need the best defensive game yet tomorrow.  I'll be making the drive to Chicago tomorrow and nothing would make me happier than the satisfaction of walking into my meetings next week knowing that the Winged Wheel told those punks from the Windy City to "go their shine box" once more.