T-Minus Five Days to Bertuzzi’s Return

Who's the forward with the highest points per minute on the Wings?  

#44 – Todd Bertuzzi, that's who. 

We don't realize it, but we've missed the serial killer more than you think.    His 2.12 points per 60 minutes of 5 on 5 hockey is best on the team and would have been great in all those 3-2 losses, not to mention his smooth Dexter like hands in the shootout.  

(BTW, do you know who is second in scoring per 60? Tomas Tatar, but that's another discussion…)

Well it finally looks like there's an end-date to his absence.

Hit the jump to find out when

Look out world, because on June April 22nd – Tuzzi will be making everybody woozi again.  Per the Free Press

Todd Bertuzzi is eyeing an April 22 date with the Coyotes as a possible return.


Bertuzzi has been practicing regularly for most of April and is as encouraged as he's been in months that he may yet see another game. He hasn't played for the Detroit Red Wings since Feb. 7 because of nerve pain in his right leg.


"I just keep pushing it," he said. "I'm hoping if it can stay the course, I'm going to see the doctor again, and then push for maybe out west. I need to get into a handful of skates where I'm not in pain.

If the Wings hope to go anywhere in the playoffs, they need a guy like Bert scoring.  Lets hope he continues where he left off. 

And of course, don't forget about the best song in the universe.