Standings Watch – Why Detroit Is Sitting Pretty

It has been a few days since we last looked at the standings, so let’s take a look again and see where Detroit sits.

So after a rough last week or two, the Wings find themselves in eight place with a two point margin on Dallas and Columbus (with a game in hand on the Jackets).  Not the best, but again, this could be much worse.

Why?  Because this means the Wings hold their own destiny in their hands.  SportsClubStats has the odds that Detroit makes the playoffs at 61.7%.  But this is deceiving. Detroit doesn’t have to worry about any other team’s results these last nine games.  If they win, they are in.  They lose, they aren’t.  Simple.

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Now I’d love to finish seventh and face the Ducks in round one rather than the Hawks.  Detroit isn’t likely going to catch St. Louis, who is on quite a tear lately.  Minnesota, however, is falling at a dramatic pace.   Now, Detroit is going to have to hope that the Wild stay the average team they’ve always been and put on a show themselves for this to happen, but it could.

According to SportsClubStats, Detroit has a 33% chance to finish in 8th, 17% in 7th, 8% in 6th.   And hell, a 1% chance to finish in 4th

Chance to win the cup?  0.3%  So you’re telling me there’s a chance… 

This is Detroit we’re talking about.  Of course there’s a chance.