St. Louis Game Day Poster: V for Victory


Everyone's busy tonight so allow me to be your captain on this train to Hockeytown.  Tonight's game day movie poster is a little special.  You see, @slapshotg0al… or Michelle to those not in cyberspace… noticed something.  When she recommends an idea for me against the Blues, we flat out win.  We're 2 for 2 so far this season.  

I asked her today what she thought was appropriate.  The results were…. as expected.  Hit the jump for the full monty.

W is for Win. We could sure use another one tonight.  One would think it would be easy given the Blues are using an AHL netminder.  But no… don't count them out.  Do not underestimate St. Louis.  They can still be dangerous.   Tonight we will work hard and all will remember… remember, remember the 13th of February….. or something like that.  Let's crush these jerks!