Sorry Kenny, Shero is the Best GM in the League These Days

Iginla is a Penguin.  So is Morrow and Murray.  The Pens needed toughness and grit and added that, plus leadership and scoring, only giving up a draft picks and mediocre prospects in return.

Impressive, to say the least.  This means two things.

First, the Pens have to be favorites to win the Cup this year and that makes little Gary have a halfie.

Second, even if this doesn’t work out, Shero has clearly surpassed Holland as the best GM in the league.

I don’t think the Wings should mortgage their future to win now.  But changes have to be made. Something.  Anything.

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The team is decent.  Considering the loss of Lidstrom and a rash of injuries that only prophets could have foretold, they are doing surprisingly well. 

But are they a serious Cup contender?  My heart, through its Wing tinted glasses (yeah, that anlogy doesn’t work here, but go with it) says yes.  But my brain knows better.  This team is good, but isn’t in the premier group with the Pens, Bruins, Hawks, Kings and Ducks.  They are a slight step down with a bunch of other teams. 

They’ve been on this same, slightly downward slope since 2009.  Holland and Babbles have done everything they can to keep the train on the tracks, but those tracks are going down this slope and we’ve gotten farther and farther away from our goal.  During this time, Kenny has sat pat, expecting different results each year despite fielding the same players.  I think they have a word for that…

Remember 1997?  The Wings had a good team.  Just had set a record for most wins in a season but couldn’t get it done in the playoffs.  So what did they do?  Changed it up.  Keith Primeau AND Paul Coffey for Brendan Shanahan.  That changed the entire feel and complexion of the team – reenergizing them to bring home 2 consecutive Cups that I don’t know would have been won otherwise. 


If Holland was in charge, would Shanny have made his way to the Wings?  I honestly don't know. 

As the Chief put it in a comment over at the great A2Y:

Ken Holland hasn’t done a damn thing to aggressively seek a Cup since he lost Hossa in ‘09. And by doing nothing, he’s let the talents of Datsyuk, Zetterberg and the last four years of Lidstrom go to waste.

That scares me.   I do think the team could be a contender without having to rebuild.  But that is going to require Kenny thinking outside of the box a little bit. 

We have always lived by the manta that “In Kenny We Trust.”   Our patience is getting dangerously close to running out.