Smith Needs to Regroup – But I Know The Perfect Replacement

50% of the time, flippys (flippies?) work every time.  That’s the joke I had with a defenseman of mine in college.   He was awesome at flipping the puck out of the zone.  Except when he wasn’t.  So I knew when he went back to the corner, get ready, because the puck is either going to end up waaayyy out of the zone, or right on the stick of an opponent resulting in a 2-0 for the other guys. 

Of course, my buddy wasn’t in the NHL like Brendan Smith is.   Smith should know better.

I had great hopes for Smith this year.  To me, he was going to be a lock for the Calder. Lidstrom replacement – or as close as one could get to being one.  But unfortunately, he’s been a rookie in every respect. Some bright spots, but mostly a whole bunch of mistakes and stupid plays. 

And things aren’t going well for him lately.   He’s finished -1 in each of the past four games and has a whopping 4 points on the year, all of which are assists.   Yesterday he was on the ice for two goals again.   Yeah, one he was being sat on in the crease, but still – you know who was never sat on in the crease?  Nick Lidstrom.  And, of course, the critical flippy that almost cost the Wings the game.  Whether it be by strength or smarts, he’s been outclassed the last few games and likely just needs a rest and a regroup session to calm down and play like the star we know he can be. 

Hit the jump for what I think we should do with Smith: 

But guess what – we’ve got the perfect replacement for the kid.  Another kid by the name of Danny Dekeyser.

I’d love to see what Dekeyser can do.  With Carlo “Mylastnameismadeupentirelyofvowels” Colaiacovo back, we have another puck moving defenseman on the blueline who isn’t a great defensive defenseman.  Sounds like Smith to me.   But now are lacking any sort of toughness outside of Ericsson.  The book on Dekeyser is that he’s going to be Brad Stuart, but better offensively.

I say let’s see what he’s got this Thursday.