Sharks at Red Wings Recap: 4.11.2013

Red Wings lose in a shootout tonight. Desperately needed that extra point, but didn’t get it. Plenty of chances late and all three shooters seem to have Niemi beat, but only Datsyuk didn’t shoot it straight into his pads. For that matter, Howard was beaten cleanly on all of the shots he faced, but was saved by a post once. Frustrating.

More after the jump (warning, NSFW language included, because Twig was pissed):

Detroit has GOT to stop having these terrible starts. How in the hell are they not motivated to play hockey right now? It’s April and they are not guaranteed a playoff spot. You’re at home. You’re playing a rival, yet you get severely outplayed in the first period.

Dumb penalties. Cleary had one, Ericsson had one and Smith had one. Smith’s resulted in the tying goal.

Bad breaks. If Hank’s pass gets to Brunner in the first, he might bury that one. Instead it’s a 2 on 1 shorthanded goal. I read on Twitter that the Wings have given up 10 shorties this year? If that’s true, that’s pathetic. A shorthanded goal once every four games. Wow.

This was one of Franzen’s better games. Only one assist, but he was hitting guys and generally seemed to give a crap, so that’s cool.

Howard has not been very good on breakaways or shootouts this year. I basically never fault a goalie when he lets one in on a breakaway because 5 other guys already effed up, but even horse-toothed cum-buckets like Logan Couture were beating him easily. EASILY.

Still worth 5.3, though.

Joe Thornton cheats on faceoffs, but it’s cool cuz he’s Joe Thornton and he was born with a giant dildo up his ass and the linemen feel sorry for him. Or jealous. One of the two.

Not bitter.

Next game is tomorrow against the Stupid Chicago. The excuse tonight was “We have not played in three days! We got no legs!” and the excuse tomorrow will be “We just played yesterday! We got no legs!” See you tomorrow.