Series Tied, But Dekeyser Down

Hey gang…been a while since you've heard from me.  I apologize for that – work's got me running' around like a madman (I've put in over 18,000+ miles on the road since mid January).  But forget all that – it's Red Wings play-off time and it's long past due that we get re-acquainted.  Oh and my personal lap top is dead (RIP) and my work computer won't let me upload images so I'm sorry for that as well.

Let me start off by saying that I did end up nodding off somewhere in the second period of last night's game.  I'm ashamed to admit it.  I was awoken to the sound of the NBC Sports crew announcing Anaheim's third goal…not the manner in which anyone who's a fan of the Winged Wheel would like to hear.  I then had to sit there and watch our lead evaporate as Bobby Ryan tied it up late in the third.

It's amazing how the impartial NBC Sports guys will simply shift their favor to whichever team is playing better at the time…I suppose that's the way it's supposed to be…but it's annoying nonetheless.

Regardless, Mrs. Nightmare On Helm Street's favorite Finn made one of the prettiest plays of the season toe dragging around Katy Perry and dishing it to Goose for match point barely into overtime.  Series tied 1-1 heading back to Hockeytown.

But that's not all.  Make the jump.

Bad news…real bad news.  Rookie phenom Danny Dekeyser is out…as in out for the rest of the post-season.

"He's done." –Mike Babcock

…that simple but powerful quote from Babbles comes to us by virtue of the Free Press.

A huge blow to the Red Wings defense.  Dekeyser had been one of the more steady defenseman for Detroit down the stretch and through the first two games, despite his age and experience at the NHL level.  The rookie broke his thumb at some point in the third period…we have seen the last of #65 this post season, it would seem.

Obviously, we have three capable defensemen waiting in the wings…Carlo Colaiacovo, Ian White and Brian Lashoff.  Who gets in will be a big question mark that Babcock will have to answer.

As for the game itself…it proved two things to me.

1.) The Red Wings can totally dominate Anaheim

2.) The Red Wings can also piss away a three goal lead

…the second proof positive is very worrisome to me.  I hate that feeling when it seems like no lead is safe and it won't be easy to forget about that third period collapse in this game throughout the rest of the post-season…I assure you the TV peeps won't make it any easier.

If Detroit can come out and blow the Ducks out of the water (heh) in Game 3 and win by 2+…then I'll start feeling better.

As of right now – try to enjoy the win.  It's now a best of 5 series.

Let's go Wings.